Ron Paul Girls?

Am I the only one or has anyone else noticed the cadre of buxom women wearing tight Ron Paul t-shirts around town? Sunday, I couldn’t help notice one of these ladies sitting outside Chase Field making use of her assets to appeal to the male crowd as they entered the stadium. Then again this week while walking downtown during the lunch hour, another woman – this one different – strutting her stuff and wearing the graffitiesque Ron Paul slogan across her, well, you know.

 Is this the new strategy being employed by the Ron Paul campaign? Call it political foreplay or Hootering the political process, Paul may be following in the footsteps of the Obama Girls or Giuliani Girls.

Forget the sexy blonde posed in front of the newest foreign import. The latest marketing strategy is to appeal to the very visually-oriented sexual nature of men.

It works. After all, if sex can sell cars, power tools and alcoholic beverages, it just may sell political fringe candidates.


  1. I went to the Salt River Tubing a couple weeks back and there were some women there sporting a large Ron Paul banner.

    They were “buxom”, I guess, but not in a good way.

  2. Maybe that is why Fred Thomson’s buxomite is always photographed a la boobs.

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