Romney strong in NV

While the media obsesses over South Carolina it appears that Mitt Romney will do very well in Nevada. A recent Mason-Dixon poll has him 15 points ahead of his nearest competitor. Nevada is significant as the first major Western state to weigh in on the presidential race. Unlike many other early voting states Nevada has not lost half of its delegates to the convention. The demographics of Nevada are also similar to Arizona so look for Romney to be competitive in the Grand Canyon State.

The details of the poll must be encouraging to the Romney camp. His favorable rating is 61%. That is 20 points higher than the next most favorable Republican. Romney is also doing well with voters on a broad range of conservative issues. According to Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon (as quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal)

In every other state we’ve polled, the issues are split. Huckabee wins on moral values, McCain wins on the war on terror, immigration is split, taxes are split. Romney does a little bit better on economic issues. Here, Romney is across the board the best on all five issues. I haven’t seen that anywhere else, and it tells me he’s pretty strong.

So remember while the press is covering the food-fight in South Carolina one candidate may quietly earn another gold in the Silver State.


  1. kralmajales says

    Are you concerned at all that Romney is not doing well in South Carolina? It is known by political scientists to be the “gateway to the south”. A loss there is troubling to me. The GOP strength is in the southern states. You need someone who can do very well there as some southern states like Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee get tighter again and more competitive.

  2. Taking a page from Hillary, why don’t we have a moratorium on gloating?

    Congratulations on your win.

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