Romney still in the race

Update: Romney gains in Illinois. With Rudy out of the race McCain moves up 3%, Romney up 6%, and Huckabee up 5% in IL. The state is not winner take all there are delegates available to others beyond the top winner.

Despite Senator McCain’s clear win in Florida Governor Romney is still in the race. Romney had a strong performance in Wednesday’s debate. Romney is still in the top tier of the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. The former governor is still competitive in California. Like Florida, California is a closed primary state but it is not winner take all. The delegates are assigned by each congressional district, making a close second still valuable.


  1. I contest the notion that Mitt did well. I condemned McCain for his smear on Mitt’s surge opinion. But when McCain presented Mitt’s “lay in wait” and “I am a governor” line, I think the Mack made his case for fitness for CIC.

  2. Real time reactions from undecided Republicans on both Fox and CNN showed Romney in the 90% area with McCain in the 25% range. Of course, that is only the reactions of people who do not have an axe to grind, so probably insignificant.

    However, now we are sure that McCain is a conservative. The New York Times, Giuliani, Schwarzeneggar, James, all say so. I am waiting for Nappy’s McCain endorsement since they have had a love fest over the past few years supporting each other in the Amnesty plan.

    National Journal rates McCain at only 59% conservative on social issues. The American Conservative Union ratings for McCain hve dropped by over twenty points from his first ten years average to last year when he scored 65%. Real conservatives usually feel they are in the 90’s and make sure they are above the 85% Mendoza line.

    James Dobson, founder of the Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family says “Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances,”

    Sorry, James. Romney won as concluded convincingly by those who were in the best position to make the evaluation without bias.

  3. I also have to disagree with James. Sounds like someone is listening to Rush Limbaugh a little much…

  4. Josh, what are you talking about? Limbaugh loathes McCain. I listen to him, but the bit I got from Maha Rushi was about ten minutes long and it had more to do with David Broder and Joy Behar than Mitt and Mack.

    Ben F., narrowing the scope a bit on your claim that Romney won the debate – how do you justify your answer? Do you admit that Romeny introduced nuance to his answer on the troop surge as suggested by Senator McCain.

    Generally speaking, I am disturbed that the conservative base has rejected McCain.
    (cited by Rush’s show)

    I consider myself in that category and Rush and David Limbaugh suggest that the war has moved the party to the left.

    I believe in conservatism. I think we have the best ideas for the 21st century, but I do think we need to close ranks whoever the nominee is.

    Everyone here is aware of my harangues against Romney’s character and his religion. That said, his Michigan campaign was brilliant. Forget the Olympics – he turned around Staples. I go to Staples more than I care about the Olympics. He would be a good president compared to Hillary or Barack.

    Don’t forget third party challenges from Hillary if she loses the nomination and Bloomberg.

    As to Dobson, I hold him in only slightly higher regard than the octagenarian LDS pontiff. There is some journalistic evidence he is losing his influence. Given their support for us during the priest scandal and Ted Haggard, I wonder why,8599,1706650,00.html?imw=Y

  5. The base did not reject McCain, McCain rejected them. Don’t ever forget that nuance.

    I think I already did, but let me slow it down for you. Two groups of undecided Republican voters participated independently in focus groups – one for Luntz/Fox and the other one for CNN. Both groups OVERWHELMINGLY, both in reactions during the debate and in after debate recaps said Romney handily best McCain.

    You already know the issues and the votes.


    What more is there to say?

  6. Luntz has been wrong before

  7. Lunts isn’t prognosticating anything, he is reporting LIVE on the response of a focus group, as did the CNN with their focus group. Therefore, he is not wrong.

    The group may not be indicative of how the public votes later, in a rapidly changing political scene that includes gubernatorial and senatorial endorsements.

    You are so biased that you cannot separate reporting of facts from commentary.

  8. Sorry, Luntz, not Lunts.

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