Romney Press Release – April 10, 2007

Arizona Senator Chuck Gray
For Immediate Release – April 10, 2007
Contact: Kevin Madden
Phone: (857) 288-6390


Boston, MA – Governor Mitt Romney today announced that State Senator Chuck Gray will serve as a Chair of his Arizona campaign.  As a leader of Governor Romney’s Arizona efforts, Senator Gray will help Governor Romney expand his grassroots support across the Grand Canyon State .

“I am very pleased to have the support of Chuck Gray, whose leadership in his community and in the State Legislature set an impressive example,” said Governor Romney.  “His energy and the resourcefulness of our entire Arizona team will be very important as I work to bring my optimistic vision for change to every part of the state.”

With today’s announcement, Senator Gray said, “We need a proven turnaround specialist and problem-solver in Washington, and Mitt Romney fills that need perfectly.  His values and proven record of conservative leadership make him the best candidate for President of the United States .”

Governor Romney previously announced Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as his Honorary Arizona Chairman and many of the state’s top business and political leaders to his Arizona Finance Committee.

Background On Senator Chuck Gray:

A Former Mesa Police Department Detective, Senator Gray Is Chairman Of The Judiciary Committee In The Arizona State Senate.  After 12 years in business, Gray became a police officer with the Mesa Police Department.  During a 10-year career with the force, he served in many areas of public safety and took a particular interest in helping kids avoid and leave gangs  He was first elected to the Arizona State Legislature in 2002.


  1. Ms coyote says

    I like Senator Chuck Gray. He has really been trying to look out for homeowners who live in HOA communities.
    I am disappointed that he is joing the Romney camp.
    I beleive that Senator Gray is also a member of the Mormon church.
    Anywho, Gray seems to be better then most politicans, Romney, oh well, seems to be another flip flopper.

  2. Being a member of the LDS church doesn’t necessarily guarantee endorsement of, or a vote for, Mitt Romney. My guess is that, like many non-Mormons, Sen. Chuck Gray finds a lot to like with the Romney candidacy. Joe Arpaio is the honorary chairman of the campaign and he’s not a memeber of the LDS church.

    Did all Catholics vote for Kennedy and all Methodists vote for George W. Bush? How
    ridiculous! Using this line of reasoning, the President’s own mother and father wouldn’t have voted for him because they are Episcopalians.

    As to the issue of Romney’s “flip flops,” McCain could give any candidate of either party a run for their money in that arena. Romney has come over to the pro-life side, and that is fine with me.

  3. kralmajales says

    Romney will tell you anything to get your vote. Given the choices, I can see why some of you might look the other way and take it. But, again, I would look very closely at his record in Mass…that state-wide government healthcare plan, etc.

    I still think…believe…that McCain is your man if you want a conservative that could potentially win.

    That said, I would take a Romney and definitely a Giuliani over a McCain any day of the year.

  4. You’re an unrepentant liberal, Kral. Conservatives can make up their own minds on the issues without sidelines interference from one who doesn’t view things through the same lens.

    It’s fine to have your perspective from time to time, but please don’t try to tell us who we should vote for and why.

  5. kralmajales says

    Interference? Who’s interferring with anything here? Are bummed that I am dissing Romney as a conservative? I am because its plain and pretty as a baby’s butt that he isn’t. All I am saying is that I would much rather vote for Romney than I would McCain. I think McCain is too conservative. If that bothers Romney supporters then fine and dandy. Yes…this independent that you call an “unrepentent liberal” would far far rather vote for Romney than McCain.

    I don’t purport to have much influence over any of you and your votes, as you correctly say, but take it for what its worth.

  6. Ms coyote says

    Whoa, hold your horses Joe!!!!
    All I said was that I thought Senator Gray was a Mormon, and if you look again that Is ALL I said, then you went off on your own assumptions.
    You are just assuming what I think and meant.

  7. Ms. Coyote: Your comment about Sen. Gray being a Mormon was not said in a vacuum. It was in the context of his involvement as AZ chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign. Do you routinely mention people’s religions when you post about them?

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Ajo makes a good point there Ms Thing…

    Re-reading your post leaves one of two possibilities. A) That Sen Gray’s possible membership in the Mormon Church is tied to his joining the Romney camp or B) that Sen Gray’s possible membership in the Mormon Church is tied to your disappointment.

    Either way, it doesn’t look good for ya!

  9. # Sonoran “truth” aquad
    Truly amusing that you gat all of that out of my simple statement.
    You and Joe must be mind readers!!
    What doesn’t look good for me, your assumptions of what I think
    I happen to like Senator Gray and am disppointed that he is joining with Romney and it has nothing to do with either person’s religion.

    Again either way, how can one lookd not good by just expressing an opinion

    Really amusing

  10. Hometown Guy says

    What does Sen. Gray’s religion have to do with your other comments? You might be fooling yourself, but you aren’t fooling everyone.
    You claim to “like” the senator but are “disappointed” in the fact that he is chairing Romney’s AZ campaign. That should have been the end of it. You’re the one who went on to mention the senator’s faith. No one has to “read your mind.” You laid it all out there for all to see.

  11. Ms coyote says

    All I did was mention that I thought that Sen Gray was a mormon, how do I know that, I tell you how, I read his bio on the Arizona legislative website. You are all making too much of so little in my opinion.
    I do like Sen. Gray a lot and I also respect him, oh boy , go ahead bash me harder, I am an independent, is that allowed on here.
    I had no opinion one way or another about Romney until very recently
    I read that some guy who is the chief honco of a development co , Vestar, was named something in Romney’s camp, so since I hate what Vestar stands for in the world of bringing our country more and more Wal Marts, and mislead our town in a recent eda referendum , I wonder how this candidate can be a postive influence for keeping American jobs with an affiliation like that.
    Sorry you don’t like my opinion, but its still a free country.

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