Romney getting out?

Time Magazine is reporting that Romney will suspend campaign at CPAC speach.


  1. Kralmajales says

    Here is more on it.

    Wow..this is interesting of course. It makes it essentially a two person race from here on and gives you all a chance to make a choice.

    I think that this could…and I mean could…help Huckabee a lot if they were splitting the conservative vote. But I am a realist. Romney could endorse McCain…McCain is ahead by a lot…and he still has more name recognition and the support of the GOP establishment.


  2. Adrian in Phoenix says

    McCain is now the Republican nominee – I doubt that America would elect any ordained minister as president, and Huckabee doesn’t have enough charisma (nor delegates) to overcome this sentiment. Conservatives now need to concentrate on winning congressional seats so we can control what gets presented to the president for signature.

  3. Adrian,

    Well said. Congress is important and also the state legislature.

  4. So Romney is out? I wonder if Rob Haney will nevertheless take his battle all the way to the convention? Hey, there’s a question. Do you think Rob Haney will want to be a delegate?

  5. McCain was creamed in Southern Arizona, a liberal area, primarily due to the amnesty issue. Regardless of the number of votes he received, he can’t win if those people sit out the election. It’s his responsibility to get them back. If he doesn’t, he loses, Hillary becomes pres, and we all lose.

  6. Kralmajales says


    Huckabee has more charisma in his finger than John McCain does. No offense…but McCain’s speeches are earthshatteringly boring. I think even Hillary upstages him and if he runs against Obama…jeez…the tired old man…who can’t speak very well…next to a young good looking orator of the quality of Henry Clay.

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