Romney ahead in CA

The most recent California poll from Zogby has Romney 3% ahead of McCain. We all know polls are only estimates but it does tell me that the race is in flux and not yet over.

Update: The latest Rasmussen poll has California even.


  1. It ain't over 'til says

    Rasmussen also has Romney up significantly to within the margin of error in Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, he won Maine with a MAJORITY of the votes, like he did in Wyoming, Nevada. Who else has won a majority of the votes in any state?

    This could actually become a brokered convention. Even McCain’s “only Republican” victory in Florida is tainted with 17% of his voters stating in exit polls that they were independents who changed to Republican just to vote for McCain – Provable RINO’s.

    McCain claiming victory before the vote to show invincibility and gain those who only want to be on the band wagon of a winner is an old political strategy. It’s great if it works, but can backfire if the cloak is pulled away. Kind of like the Wizard.

  2. kralmajales says

    I saw a poll having McCain up by a ton in California…interesting. Who knows what will happen here now, but most have McCain winning most supertuesday states.

    Romney desperately needs Huckabee out of the race.

  3. So do I.

  4. California is a very complex situation. It is by CD, and even then by percentage. Unless you get over 60+% of the vote you will not get more than 50% of the delegates.

    Expect it to be a very mixed result in terms of delegates. A simple majority is nothing in this primary. A 60-40% vote results in a 50-50 split of the delegates.

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