Romley signs up for Goddard

Former County Attorney Rick Romley has been active lately in promoting Democratic causes and candidates.  He penned (or at least signed) an op-ed for the Arizona Republic last weekend praising Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and the Phoenix Police Department’s collaboration with ICE.  He left out any praise of the much more ambitious ICE agreement entered into by his old sparring partner on the front pages, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Romley also indicated he dislikes the sheriff’s approach to combating illegal immigration.
Now, Romley has reportedly signed up as a lobbyist for the Attorney General’s Office at the legislature.  Romley worked in the AG’s Office while handling a recent corruption case in Pinal County, and this arrangement will allow him to stay and draw a continued salary (wonder how much it is?).  Recently, Romley guest-hosted a radio program in which the invited guests were Goddard, Gordon and Dan Saban.  Saban has announced he’ll challenge Arpaio for reelection next year as a Democrat.
So much for Romley’s hopes (mentioned to a prominent Valley lobbyist recently) of running for Congress from CD5…that district already has a Democratic candidate, Harry Mitchell.


  1. Don’t you mean CD5. CD8 has Gabby in it.
    Both Harry and Gabby have got to go in ’08. We need strong pro-lifers in these seats.

  2. Mike Triggs says

    If Republicans want to win in the 5th they should support Michele Reagan. She’s been my State Representative for the past four years and I couldn’t be happier with her. I think the reason both Michelle and Carolyn Allen win with such high numbers is the fact that they are not Pro-lifers. The Fifth is NOT a Pro-Life District.

    JD won in the past because he had weak opponents who were unable to raise the cash it takes to win in an expensive media market.. Harry Mitchell was the first Democrat to come along who had the name ID and was able to raise the cash to get the job done. It also helped that JD had become a cartoon of himself.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Abortion wasn’t even an issue in that race… Trying to make JD’s pro-life position a factor in the outcome is silly. Abramhoff, an incredibly bad year, a congressman who had worn out his welcome, an incredibly bad year, a badly run campaign against a well-known and credible opponent and an incredibly bad year are why JD lost. Allen wins big (usually) because she almost never has a real opponent. Reagan wins big because her last name is Reagan and no one has ever run against her. They’ve run in the same race for one of two seats, but no one has ever run “against” her and her record. She has never had to defend herself.

    The district has had pro-life congressional representation for basically forever and its legislators have been overwhelmingly pro-life. I think you are talking about just the LD8 portion of it, where you live. Even that district usually has a pro-life legislator (including right now), but CD5 also includes a piece of LD18 (all three legislators are pro-life), LD17 (only had one R, but she was pro-life), and LD20 (all three pro-life). In total, ten R’s represented CD5 in the state legislature and eight of them were pro-life.

    Your opinion that it is not a pro-life district is just that, your opinion. That’s totally cool, it is just not automatically factual and it actually flies in the face of the facts.

    Reagan’s votes to go along with Napolitano’s budgets a few years back, betraying her caucus and party at the same time, wouldn’t play well in a primary, even if she was pro-life. Add in immigration, tax issues, etc and she’s not going to survive a congressional race. She is a nice person though and I’ve liked the times I’ve spent with her, so its not a personal thing, just the political reality.

    We’ll have some good candidates and very likely a good nominee by the time all is said and done… Then we’ll get our district back!

  4. Polling shows CD5 as 53% pro-abortion. It was a factor in JD’s defeat in that the pro-abort groups pumped a lot of money into the race. Huppenthal almost lost LD20 to a nobody. LD17 was a total disaster. I’d chalk a lot of that up to Californians moving in rather than abortion, but to take back CD5, we will need to deal with the rapidly changing landscape and reality.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    What polling? How was the question worded and who was polled? Not picking on you, but just throwing out “polling data” on blogs is usually greeted with doubt unless we see the source… If the question deals with abortion restrictions it gets different marks than if it deals with the outright repeal of Roe. For comparison, what were the numbers in other CDs? More data please!

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I’d also point out that the fact that pro-abort groups spent lots of money doesn’t make abortion a factor in the outcome. Pro-abortion groups teamed up with their allies in the labor movement, gay activists, etc. and funded attack ads in races all over the state at various levels, including legislative races. But their attacks weren’t about abortion, gay marriage, or anything like that. They didn’t campaign on their issues because they couldn’t win on their issues. They campaigned on other issues knowing that a victory by the liberal would advance their cause in ways the voter wasn’t even thinking of. So many of these losers weren’t losers because they held the wrong position on life. Voters weren’t disagreeing with their positions on life.


  1. […] This all started when Romley was handling the corruption case of Pinal County Manager Stanley Griffis and used space in the Attorney General’s office. Goddard has decided to make the arrangement a little more formal, and contract Romley to work some cases for him. By the way, despite what has been said on Sonoran Alliance, Romley has not been hired as a lobbyist. Folks close to Goddard’s office are careful to say that he has not been “hired” but instead will be on contract. […]

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