Romley continues to line up Democrat support

Temporary County Attorney Rick Romley continues to line up support in his quest for the Republican nomination for that office.  But someone needs to tell him that he should probably be lining up Republican support.

It’s a subscription only website, but the Arizona Guardian’s Dennis Welch is doing a great job exposing Romley and how the Dems won’t bother putting someone up because they already have their guy in Romley.

Here’s a gem from Welch: “Democrats say they’re confident interim County Attorney Richard Romley will defeat his more conservative opponents in the primary and represent their interests.”

Of course they’re confident, because Romley has long represented their interests.  He opposes SB 1070 and crackdowns on illegal immigration in general, regularly endorses liberal Democrats, and served as a top staffer to Democrat Attorney General Terry Goddard.

Side note: the article notes how Romley has picked up the endorsement of Terry Goddard’s second in command, Tim Nelson, who says Romley will do a “good job.”  He will do a good job by Nelson’s standards.  Nelson was a failed Democrat candidate for County Attorney (who, surprise surprise, Romley endorsed) and the lawyer for Janet Napolitano during her administration, which did so much damage to Arizona.

It’s not surprising to see Nelson line up with Romley.  But here’s a question: are there any actual REPUBLICANS of any note supporting Romley?  We haven’t heard of one.  If you’re out there, we’d like to hear from you.  We won’t hold our breath.


  1. Perhaps Romley, like the RNC, is anticipating a Goddard win?

  2. Excellent point PocoBravo. If Romley’s sugar daddy Terry Goddard wins the sky is the limit for RINO Rick. Chief of staff for Goddard? A cushy appointment to be a judge? Clearly if RINO Rick wins the primary he will be a high profile advocate for Goddard, probably leading Republicans for Terry.

    We must get rid of RINO Rick in the August primary!

  3. EastValleyPC says

    Here’s an idea everyone can take part in. If you want to stop Romley, we need to support the Conservative Republican Bill Montgomery. I know times are tough out there. The last year hasn’t been an easy one for me. But, I bet everyone could donate $10.70 to Bill Montgomery and send a message when he reports his contributions.

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