Robert S. Graham Releases New Video, Calls on Conservatives to Rise Up, Unify and Fight

Scottsdale, Ariz. Arizona businessman and political activist Robert Graham released another video this week, all about unifying behind the right candidates at the right time.  Graham has been working hard over the last several months raising money and awareness for conservative candidates all across the country.  In doing so, he has been spreading his message for victory to fellow conservatives in 2010: Rise up, Unify, and Fight.

In the video, available online at, Graham exhorts fellow Conservatives to work with him in finding candidates who can not only win in November, but who will represent the ideals and principles which the United States was founded upon.  He calls on friends and neighbors to make phone calls, knock doors, and even make monetary contributions to campaigns able to take back some power from the Obama administration.

“For too long, the Federal Government has been out of touch with the citizens it is supposed to represent,” said Graham.  “I will be working non-stop until election day to make sure we have a government that is of the people, by the people and, more importantly, for the people.  In order to be effective, though, we as Americans need to rise up, unify, and fight for the ideals we believe in.”


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