Robert Graham, Candidate for AZGOP Chairman, on the U.S. Constitution

Robert Graham, candidate for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, addresses why preserving the Constitution of the United States of America is important. In simple terms, Robert shares a story of a family visit to Pearl Harbor and the impact this visit had on him and his family. This story, like many others addresses the relevancy, importance and strength bestowed upon this nation because of the miracle we call the Constitution of the United States of America. Robert Graham will fight to defend the Constitution and the principles which made this nation great.


  1. Atilla's Hunni says

    Robert is the best person needed to run the Republican Party at this time, build up its coffers and keep us out the hands of McCain. I know he supported McFlake, to many Republican’s that was the person to keep us from having a Democrat Senator. Not me. He has garnered much support from many many CONSERVATIVES that I respect and always want to know who they support.

    Robert is young and energetic with business experience, something we are lacking at this time.

    Good Luck Tom and Kris, many good wishes go with you.

    • Cold Warrior says

      I’d like to hear from Mr. Graham how many years he’s been a Republican precinct committeeman.

      I’d also like to hear from him his plan for empowering the individual precinct committeeman and precinct captains. What software would he fund for all of the precinct committeeman so that they, and not the RNC, would “own” the voter data? (As opposed to the RNC’s GOP Data Center, which had virtually no capabilities for anything but creating walking/call sheets and which explicitly stated that all data added by the precinct committeemen about voters was owned solely by the RNC.)

      I’d like to know how he would use his fund-raising prowess to fund this kind of project.

      I’d like to know whether he plans to keep raising money to send it out of state to California and to the NRSC and the NRCC, which spends money not solely on conservative Republican candidates but, instead, on the campaigns of people like Charlie Crist (now an avid Democrat) and former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett (replaced by real conservative Mike Lee).

      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

  2. Atilla's Hunni says

    All of what you said should be addressed, the fiasco with the voter list is horrid down at headquarters.

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