RNC Releases Graphic “Mr. President, We Have A Few Questions”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee is out with a new graphic “Mr. President, We Have A Few Questions” that includes 10 questions that President Obama needs to answer. It has been nearly eight weeks since he has taken questions from the White House press corps, yet he’s had time to jet around the country raising money for his campaign. When will President Obama take responsibility for the economy and his staff’s behavior and quit dodging the tough questions?

“America faces tough challenges with high unemployment and exploding debt, yet President Obama hasn’t answered questions from the White House press corps in nearly eight weeks,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “His administration is also embroiled in controversy and his campaign will not own up to the outrageous rhetoric being peddled by the Obama Super PAC and Vice President Biden. Why won’t President Obama take questions? Does he have something to hide? The American people deserve answers.”


  1. Sssssh! Not a word about Obama’s open borders and illegal amnesty. We’ve got a couple of “reformers” waiting at stage right.

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