Rio Nuevo, another $7.1 million wasted.

rainbowbridge.jpg      Logic prevailed and the University of Arizona decided to not try and build a $350,000,000 bridge over interstate 10. There is the slight issue of the $7.1 million bill for design work. The University wants the City of Tucson to cover half of the bill, $3.6 million. The city does not seem too upset since they can take it out of the bottomless pit known as Rio Nuevo.

     That’s great. All the liberal and moderate legislators are whining about education and health care being under funded so they get together and pass Rio Nuevo so they can waste $7.1 million dollars on a $350,000,000 bridge that never passed the sniff test of making the slightest bit of sense.

     And what is this vaunted Science Center about anyway? Does it involve classroom space where undergraduates will receive instruction or facilities for graduate students to conduct original research? That is what I thought was the purpose of a university. Other wise it just sounds like Tucson wants to build an amusement park downtown and sneak the funding through the university system.

     Hopefully the legislature will see that Rio Nuevo is a complete fraud and waste of money. Maybe some of the conservatives in the house and senate could get together and end Rio Nuevo and channel the money instead to education and heath care. That would make for an interesting debate.

Thursday 9-28-06, 11:15 pm


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