Richard Carmona Visits DC for Anniversary of Obama’s Phone Call Recruiting Him to Run

Arizona Republican Party

Arizona Republican Party Sends Bouquet to Carmona to Celebrate Important Anniversary

Obama Phones Carmona

PHOENIX – What a difference a year makes!  Just one year ago — September 23, 2011 — Richard Carmona received a phone call from President Obama who encouraged the Tucson resident to run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate.  Carmona responded enthusiastically, and for the past year has busily embraced the liberal agenda of the Obama Administration on every issue from taxes, healthcare, abortion, to the redistribution of wealth — all while collecting campaign checks from liberal interest groups and Senate Democrats like Harry Reid, Al Franken and Chuck Schumer.

In recognition of the anniversary of Obama’s call recruiting Carmona, the Arizona Republican Party sent a bouquet of carnations to Carmona’s campaign office in Phoenix.  Carnations are the traditional symbol of the first anniversary of an important event.

“While Arizona is suffering from devastating unemployment and higher taxes from Obama’s healthcare plan, Richard Carmona is jet-setting around Washington, DC, and rubbing elbows with wealthy liberals who are only going to make things worse,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert.  “President Obama and his liberal cohorts have failed this country once already and Richard Carmona is part of their plan to do it again.”


Richard Carmona Is The Handpicked Candidate Of President Barack Obama 

“On September 23, President Obama called Richard Carmona to encourage him to run,” said one Democratic strategist.  (Alexander Burns, Obama courts Ariz. Senate candidate, may contest state ‘heavily’, Politico, 10/06/11)

Carmona is one of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s favorite candidates and was personally courted by President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get into the race.  (David Catanese, Bivens clears the way for Carmona, Politico, 3/27/2012)

And Has Taken Money From Numerous Liberals Like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Al Franken  

  • Harry Reid’s Searchlight PAC Has Given Democrat Richard Carmona $10,000. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 5/30/12)
  • Al Franken’s Midwest Values PAC Has Given Democrat Richard Carmona $10,000.(Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 5/30/12)
  • Chuck Schumer’s Impact PAC Has Given Democrat Richard Carmona $10,000. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 5/30/12)

President Obama Promised The Stimulus Would ‘Create Or Save’ 3.5 Million Jobs 

ASSOCIATED PRESS:  The Obama administration is defending its claim that the $787 billion economic stimulus plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs before 2011 even while conceding that unemployment will likely continue to rise beyond its earlier predictions.  (Stimulus plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs, White House says, Associated Press, 05/11/09)

Poverty and Unemployment Now Lasting Hallmarks of Obama Administration

  • In 2011, the official overall poverty rate was 15.0 percent. There were 46.2 million people in poverty in the U.S. (“Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011”United States Census Bureau, Figure 4 and Table 3)
  • National unemployment rate for August 2011 is 8.1% (News Release, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 9/7/2012)
  • Household income nationally in 2011 was 8.1% lower than in 2007 (“Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011” United States Census Bureau, Figure 1 and Table A-1)



  1. June 7th was the 5th anniversary of the defeat of “The Strive Act”, authored by amnesty concubine Jeff Flake and Illinois reconquista Luis Gutierrez.

    To honor that day and Flake’s left-bending nose, how about we all chip in and send him a belated congratulatory can of Nosarita Refried Beans?

  2. Conservative American says


    Obama says that his biggest failure is that he didn’t get “comprehensive immigration reform”, aka “amnesty”. Don’t worry, Barry, if JEFF FLAKE becomes the U. S. Senator from Arizona, he’ll help you to succeed in achieving your goal!

    “Obama: My Biggest Failure – No Immigration Reform!?”

    “Carol Platt Liebau

    “Later in the hourlong forum, Obama was asked what has been his biggest failure as president. He did not hesitate.”

    “As you remind me, my biggest failure is that we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform done,” he said. “So we’re going to be continuing to work on that.”

    As zoo mentions above, JEFF FLAKE co-authored the STRIVE Act, which would have given amnesty to illegal aliens as Obama wishes, along with Chicago Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez. In case you are unfamiliar with Luis Gutierrez, he’s the Chicago Democrat who travelled all the way here to Arizona to publicly encourage a boycott of Arizona over SB 1070. He comes from what is universally characterized as the most gerrymandered congressional district in the U. S.. Flake’s office told me on the phone that Flake is “proud” of his collabortation with Gutierrez on the STRIVE Act amnesty!

    What Conservative Republicans co-sponsored Flake’s STRIVE Act? Well, actually, it was Republicans who killed the measure! But Flake’s STRIVE Act was co-sponsored by then U. S. Congressman RAHM EMANUEL! That’s right, the same RAHM EMANUEL who became B. Hussien Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is currently the Democrat Mayor of Chicago!

    Want a REAL Obama rubber stamp? Then JEFF FLAKE is your Obama guy!


  3. Seeing there is no difference between Rubberstamp Carmona and Rubberstamp McFakeCard, it would be prudent to make your vote count as well as make good on ANYONE BUT McCAIN, and vote for Carmona: a (your) vote Flake (McCain) doesn’t get as well as one against the three stooges as established (pictured) in Flake’s latest TV ad.

    • Conservative American says

      …and the Senate sponsors of Flake’s STRIVE Act amnesty were to be… John McCain and Ted Kennedy!


  4. I already see comments around the web from people who opposed Flake now saying they will hold their nose and vote for him. After seeing Arizona checked-pants primary voters reject immigration enforcement (Cardon) for illegal alien felatio (Flake), it’s all I can do to keep myself from voting a straight Democratic ballot. I WILL vote for Richard Carmona, and I will vote for a Democrat in CD 9 over illegal immigration profiteer/immigration lawyer Adam Driggs.

    The Arizona Chamber of Commerce used Driggs and eight other Republican state senators to kills 5 immigration bills in March 2011. Now the word is the COC is behind Russell Pearce’s loss in LD 25, and want to “convert” our state legislature to “moderates.” If Republican voters are going to spread their butt cheeks for the COC, I’m well on my way to being a Democratic voter. HOW can Arizona Republicans tolerate the COC controlling votes in the state senate and primary elections? Something really bad needs to happen to the criminals/racketeers running the Chamber.

    • Reality Check says

      “I’m well on my way to being a Democratic voter.”

      You are already a true RINO. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Let’s not spin out of context:

        “IF REPUBLICAN VOTERS ARE GOING TO SPREAD THEIR BUTT CHEEKS FOR THE COC, I’m well on my way to being a Democratic voter.”

  5. Conservative American says

    Zoo wrote: “I already see comments around the web from people who opposed Flake now saying they will hold their nose and vote for him.”

    The biggest threat to America comes not from overt leftists but from those who fail to recognize and oppose their agenda no matter how it is packaged. The fact that Flake identifies as a Republican means nothing. The fact that he conspired with “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago to craft illegal alien amnesty legislation and that he admits that he flat out lied to voters when he pledged to not serve more than three, two year terms in the House DOES mean something!

    “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Those who would “hold their nose” and vote FOR Flake are failing to exercise the kind of vigilance necessary to preserve America. If they vote for him they will get what they deserve but those of us who see Flake for what he is, and who refuse to vote for him, will get what we don’t deserve.

    If Flake is elected, those people who “hold their nose” and vote FOR him will be whining and complaining bitterly about him in a couple of years as he methodically implements his anti-American agenda through Senate votes. I will have no sympathy for them because they could have simply refused to vote for Flake without voting for Carmona, if they don’t want to vote for a Democrat.

    Here we stand, watching as the Republican Party self-destructs due to infiltration by leftist sympathizers. What that means, if it continues, is that the Republican Party will become progressively disempowered and will eventually become politically irrelevant. Nature abhors a vacuum and Conservative Americans will step in to fill that void.


  6. Conservative American says

    “Lou Dobbs Tonight – 03.28.07 – Bilbray & Flake on STRIVE Act”

    “Uploaded by mediaman1947 on Mar 29, 2007”

    “Bilbray exposes the amnesty scam contained in the Flake-Gutierrez legislation (STRIVE Act). What the hell was Arizona thinking when they elected Jeff Flake? Is the best you could do with what you’re facing on the border?”

    Here is video of Lou Dobbs and Republican Congressman Bilbray facing off with Jeff Flake over his STRIVE Act amnesty legislation.

  7. Reality Check says

    You idiots commenting here must be on some pretty strong psychoactive drugs if you think Jeff Flake is a “leftist sympathizer”. The man is endorsed by groups like the NRA, Citizens Against Government Waste, the American Taxpayers Union, the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Arizona Right to Life, etc. He is also supported by conservative Senators Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint. So someone supported by the most conservative members of the Senate is a leftist? LOL!

    You guys are pathetic one issue wonders and true RINO’s.

    • We may be “pathetic”, but we’ll be the ones celebrating after Flake goes to the showers. Try to “idiot” that away.

    • Conservative American says

      @ Reality Check:

      Let’s have a look at your argument.

      First, you state that Flake is endorsed by the NRA. The NRA also endorsed John McCain. (That’s when I dropped my membership!) If you speak directly with NRA staff they will make it crystal clear to you that they are a “single issue” organization. That is, they look ONLY at a candidate’s stand on Second Amendment issues and NOTHING else. So an endorsement by the NRA does not speak at all to the whole of what a candidate is.

      Secondly, endorsements don’t prove anything. They are an attempt to seduce those who are either too lazy or too feeble minded to do the work of “eternal vigilance” described by Thomas Jefferson as the price of liberty. Flake is pulling out all of the stops to shroud himself in a cloak of endorsements for the express purpose of attempting to give voters the impression that he is Conservative when he is not.

      Jeff Flake worked hand in glove with “progressive” Democrat U. S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago to co-author the STRIVE Act amnesty legislation which was killed by Flake’s fellow Republicans! Flake’s office told me over the phone that Flake is “proud” of his collaboration with Gutierrez! This is the same Luis Gutierrez who was elected by virtue of having the most gerrymandered congressional district in the U. S.! It is the same Luis Guiterrez who took the trouble to travel all the way from Chicago to Phoenix for the express purpose of urging a boycott of Arizona over SB 1070! THIS is who Flake works with while fellow Republicans work to kill Flake’s amnesty legislation!

      Flakes buddy, Luis Gutierrez, hasn’t gone away! What has Gutierrez been up to lately?

      “Democrat: Immigration deal a lock in 2013 if Obama is reelected
      By Mike Lillis – 09/22/12 02:56 PM ET”

      “A prominent Hispanic lawmaker is predicting that President Obama and a weakened Republican Party will strike a deal on immigration next year.”

      “Rep. Luis Gutierrez said he’s received no promises from the White House that Obama would move quickly on immigration reform if reelected in November. But the Illinois Democrat said it’s a lock the president would use a second term to revamp the nation’s immigration laws.”

      “Gutierrez predicted the results of November’s elections would prove a game changer, as the sheer number of Latinos voting against Mitt Romney will force GOP leaders to support reforms for fear of alienating those voters indefinitely.”

      “Gutierrez said he’ll spend much of the next six weeks campaigning for Obama in three battleground states where the Latino vote is expected to play a crucial role: Nevada, Colorado and Florida.”

      “If I’m right, and the road to the White House goes through the barrios of the United States — through Nevada and Colorado and Florida — and it’s the Latino vote that swings the Electoral College,” he said Friday, then immigration reform will be impossible to ignore next year.”

      So Flake’s buddy, who he still states he was “proud” to collaborate with, is campaigning for Obama, predicting a “weakened Republican Party”, still pushing “amnesty” and telling us that the road to the White House “goes therough the barrios of the United States”.

      Now tell me, Reality Check, how Flake would vote on amnesty legislation pushed by Gutierrez and the Reconquistas in Congress? Do you seriously think that he would vote “No!” on Gutierrez amnesty legislation? What would be the impact on jobs for American citizens if such legislation passed? What would be the financial burden on the states of providing various forms of government assistance for low income immigrants suddenly absorbed into our country? You don’t have to wait to figure that out. That impact is already here but would become WORSE with amnesty legislation. You think that’s a Conservative approach? If so, what is “Conservative” about it?

  8. Conservative American says

    And here’s a nice video about Jeff Flake. Let’s see if the link to this video suddenly goes “private” like another Flake video I linked to, LOL!,AAAAAETmrZQ~,EVFEM4AKJdQtJLv7zbMPiBGChHKnGYSG&bctid=1667985744001

    • Reality Check says

      Why would anyone “private” a bad Wil Cardon video that was only shown on TV about a billion times? Ha ha.

      That’s the video with the fake photoshop job where they superimposed Obama over a picture of a Republican Policy Committee press conference. Didn’t work in the primary. Won’t work now.

      You are bitter that your preferred candidate lost the primary and now you want people to be stuck with a Democrat recruited by Obama for the next 6-24 years out of spite. What a great plan….

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