Review of the LD 12 Senate CCEC debate

Clark Silver spoke about lowering our tax rates to attract businesses to Arizona. In particular, Clark wanted to lower the business personal property tax rate to incentivize businesses to come to Arizona. He understands that a reduction in tax rates will increase revenue by attracting jobs, employing people and broadening the tax base. Clark also advocated reducing regulation to encourage business to thrive in Arizona.

Clark Silver supports SB 1070 and has said its employer sanctions are too soft. He advocates treating all business locations as one for purposes of determining how many times a business breaks laws against employing illegal aliens. He also believes that the three year probation terms in SB 1070 are too light.

Clark opposed Prop. 100 and stated that waste, fraud and abuse should be cut from government.
Mr. Silver noted that Arizona spends more per pupil than does Florida, yet even Florida’s disadvantaged students outperform Arizona’s students. He stated that he believes that we’re paying too much for our top-heavy school administration.

When comparing Clark’s positions to those of Nelson and Nunez, it’s clear that Clark is the only true conservative in the race.

The CCEC refused to ask one of the most important questions: why was Nelson fundraising with Democrats at the Greater Phoenix Leadership’s Twelve in `10 fundraiser? No true Republican should have been helping Democrats raise money. Additionally, if these RINO legislators and candidates are for special perks for businesses and they are a mixture of Democrats and Republicans, that illustrates these individuals will be voting together and against the Republican belief in the free market. Nelson is no free market Republicans and his consistent D’s and F’s from the Goldwater Institute paints a very clear picture of him as a big government “Republican”.

Sen. Nelson strolled in right before the debate started, sat down, and started mumbling something about a water resources bill being signed. How tone deaf can someone be? First, we’re in an anti-incumbency year and he starts spinning the same “Experience” line that failed Hillary Clinton. Second, a water resources bill is hardly a sexy issue, nor one of the most important to voters right now. Immigration, the budget and education seem to be FAR more important than water resources. Nelson also styled himself as someone who can get bills through the legislature…in other words he’s a compromising deal maker. This is not the year for compromisers. We need legislators who are going to stand their ground on the issues. Compromises lead us to the tax increase. If the legislature holds firm, whether it was against Napolitano years ago or against Jan Brewer today, it is best for the citizens. When governors bully the legislature, we get tax increases and excessive spending.

On immigration issues, Nelson claims he supports SB 1070, but he TWICE failed to vote on SB 1070’s predecessor bill to end sanctuary city policies, SB 2280. If Nelson were an anti-illegal immigration stalwart, he would have bothered to vote on the bill.

The anti-incumbency sentiment is a TEA Party sentiment and that acronym initially meant “Taxed Enough Already.” Building on his tone-deafness, Nelson then states his support for Prop. 100. Only a spin doctor would claim the tax increase was popular when the special election was held on an odd date and several organized constituencies were rabid to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. Raising taxes is a Democrat thing to do and Nelson shows his RINO colors in supporting the tax increase. Additionally, it shows that Nelson doesn’t have the stomach for cutting government.

Not only did Nelson support Prop. 100, but he warns against tax cuts. He says tax cuts must be done judiciously so as not to affect government services. That’s a pro-big government stance coming out of a “Republican.” That’s the point of tax cuts and spending reductions, John: a roll back of unnecessary government services. Nelson’s statement also betrays that he does not believe that tax cuts lift burdens off the economy and can thereby result in an increase of revenue. Nelson buys into the Democrat “wisdom” that tax cuts always result in less revenue.

Nelson gets it backwards on jobs too. He said he wants to attract businesses first, THEN cut taxes. No, John, you cut taxes to attract the businesses. Doing it your way means more government giveaways and more government engineering of the economy. That failed in Soviet Russia and the Eastern Bloc, John.

Despite reports that the U.S. may be seeing around 10% employment and abysmal growth for some time to come, Nelson thinks we’re coming out of the recession. He said he wants to create more programs and incentives for small business. That’s a pro-business, not a free market stance. A conservative would be getting government out of the way of business, but Nelson thinks its government’s role to pick winners and losers.

Then Nelson speaks out of the other side of his mouth and says he wants to streamline government. A conservative would do that by reducing regulation and making government smaller. How does RINO Nelson want to streamline government? By creating more government. He’s not only sponsored bills to create government efficiency commissions, but he’s STILL championing the idea. If a politician needs some government commission to tell them where to cut government, not only are they out of ideas, but they aren’t doing their jobs. Remember, this is the guy that got straight Ds and Fs from Goldwater for voting to regulate the economy. HE is the reason why government isn’t efficient.

The “Reverend” and former Democrat Eve Nunez who STILL refuses to state if she’s received any theological schooling, spoke favorably of government meddling in the economy and picking winners and losers. She too is tone deaf because she’s ignoring the criticism the federal government got for picking winner and losers in its bailouts.

Ms. Nunez incorrectly stated that Arizona was last in spending per pupil. Not only does Arizona spend THOUSANDS more per pupil, but we perform below those states which spend less per pupil. She shows her true Democrat colors when she exhibits that she believes that throwing more money at the problem will solve our education woes. Arizonans have been throwing money at education for years and nothing has changed.

Nunez was critical of tax cuts leading to our budget difficulties rather than pointing at excessive spending. This statement could have come out of Kyrsten Sinema’s mouth it is such a Democrat canard. Nunez needs to go back to being a Democrat.

Like the Democrat she is, Nunez is soft on crime. Just as she did in 2008 when she ran for the LD 12 House as a Democrat, she thinks we spend too much on the Department of Corrections and she wants to release prisoners early.
Like any Democrat in the state legislature, Nunez is anti-1070. She has characterized it as inhumane. She says the federal government should do its job, granted, it should, but if we rely on the federal government, we’re embracing the status quo or trying to stem the tidal wave of illegal immigration with meager federal efforts. The second best line of the night, and a complete lie from Nunez, was her claim that just because she’s Hispanic that cops can stop her and ask for her birth certificate. Apparently, like the Obama Administration, she hasn’t bothered to read the bill.

Like Nelson, Nunez wants to “do job creation.” That’s code for she wants the government to meddle in the economy. A free market conservative would get government out of the way.

In general, Nunez made several emotional appeals in her explanation of her policy positions. Running on emotions rather than facts is a Democrat thing to do.

The best lines of the night were Nunez criticizing Mr. Silver for breaking Reagan’s 11th Commandment and angrily claiming that she’s a Reagan Republican. I guess she is a Reagan Republican if she means that she was a former Democrat and favors amnesty. Clark might have been guilty of violating the 11th Commandment if he had been criticizing a Republican.

Finally, I had a belly laugh when Somos Republicans reported that the TEA Partiers in attendance were jumping ship to support Nunez. That’s not what the TEA Partiers reported here.


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  2. PV Conservative says

    Wouldn’t it be appropriate for Marcus to disclose that he is helping Clark Silver’s campaign or that DSW (whose blog this is) is helping Clark Silver’s campaign? I’m not saying you can’t write something biased, most of the stuff on here is. But failure to disclose that kind of relationship really undermines the credibility of the author and the blog.

  3. Marcus Kelley says

    I’ve disclosed that fact multiple times on this blog and elsewhere. The fact that you KNOW that I’m working for Clark tells me that the message has been received loud and clear. Thanks for reiterating the obvious. Any other dead horses that need more beating?

  4. Is there a link to the debate?

  5. There are new readers to blogs all the time…but if I didn’t know you were being paid to help Clark “I’ve got to win something sooner or later” Clark, reading this “account” would sure give it away.

  6. “I’ve disclosed that fact multiple times on this blog and elsewhere. The fact that you KNOW that I’m working for Clark tells me that the message has been received loud and clear. Thanks for reiterating the obvious. Any other dead horses that need more beating?”

    LOL! If you were upfront, you would disclose it every time you wrote something comparing candidates like this…

  7. Marcus Kelley says

    I’m sure you’re the same RINO McCain-kissing Ann who posts against JD all the time. If so, that explains your support for Nelson. You’re starting to sound an awful lot like Judy Connell. Truth is, Nelson and Nunez expose themselves as RINOs quite well in the debate.

    It’s well known you’re a RINO McCain-worshiper. I certainly don’t see Shane, CQ, or Jason Rose running around disclosing who they’re working for at every turn. I’ve done far more than any of them to be transparent.

    Link to the debate:

  8. I attended the event and agree with this article and will only add to it that we invited Nunez on our program for an interview and have never heard back from her, don’t believe she wants real questions that will reveal what she’s really like. Now as for Nelson he doesn’t deserve another term and his two associates in the same dist. even though most voters know they probably won’t vote for him campaign with him because they’re afraid if he wins he’ll hurt them when in office I guess they don’t realize what RINOs do and that’s hurt all of us so wake up if you or one of your supporters read this and do the right thing for the voters for a change oh by the way I’m not working for any of them as is apparent on my program but try to let the public know the truth which is something many of our elected officials don’t seem to want to talk about and that includes Nelson and Nunez. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  9. Christie Faro says

    I Support Clark Silver, He seems to be the only one who cares about the state of our economy, and what direction we are heading if we don’t do something soon.
    Nunez was very concerned about cutting the tourism budget, which is hardly where all the excess spending is taking place. She should stick to taking care of the kids she has helped through the years, she doesn’t seem to have a clue about the real world.
    Sen. Nelson had the attitude that he would rather be somewhere else than at the debate, as though we didn’t deserve his time. He didn’t really answer any questions, just rambled on about something that meant nothing. All we wanted was straight answers. I think if he is that bored with us, he should no longer be working for us!!

  10. Clark Silver is the real deal! He is an everyday American citizen that faces, like many of us the BS of politicians.Clark has experience that has enabled him to successfully promote positive production within an organization, and Arizona is an organization. Clark like many Arizonians is a humbled parent as well as a determined father. Given the opportunity he can meet the challenge with a clear and sound directive. Do not let his reserved character fool you. He can be the calm within a storm. Nelson is tired, uninterested, and not honest about his convictions. Nunez well…the term wolf-in-sheeps-dress comes to mind.
    Arizona Latino Commission, Eve Nunez


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