It looks like Marilyn Zerull is now 10 votes ahead Trent Huphries in LD 26 House Race.


  1. Josey, do you know how many votes are left to count & when a re-count would begin?

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Hey ThinkRight; Tim beat Gabby in the Primary; maybe we can just call off the General? 😉

  3. The most up to date news I found was at Tucson Citizen

  4. he’ll win the General as well

  5. kralmajales says

    This is terrible news if Zerull wins over Humphrey. There is no comparison there in knowledge of the office and what we need at the state level. Humphrey and I disagree on 90%…maybe more…but he is the best candidate of all three for the job.

    Plus, if you put up 3 arch conservatives in this clearly swing district, you are apt to lose seats.

    As for Tim beating Gabby, prepare to be massively disappointed.

  6. kralmajales says

    Need I remind you that Tim is the same kind of RINO you ran out in Hershberger and O’Hallaran?

  7. Kral,

    I’ve been “massively disappointed” with Giffords for nearly two years now.

    Seen no debate on the issues from her, only false attacks on Tim Bee’s character and judgement from her supporters and surrogates since the legislature adjourned in 2007.

    Good luck in November. We’ll see what the voters have to say. My money’s on Tim Bee winning this.

  8. Bee is no RHINO says

    Kral you are wrong Tim Bee is no RHINO I do not like the term and happen to be sad that Pete did not advance, but that being said Tim Bee has never been (by any measure of the term) a RHINO.
    Nice try but totally transparent attempt on your part to try to ignite a s***t storm of name calling among our Republican blogging community against Tim Bee.
    You should spend your time helping Gabby measure drapes for her new office
    as the head of Planned Parenthood or at the office of one of the many offers she is getting from Raul Grijalva and his ilk following her loss.

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