Returning to Reagan

A small group of solid conservative Members of Congress have launched an effort to return to the principles of Ronald Reagan.  This is sorely needed in the Republican ranks in D.C.  One of the more significant developments of this effort is that all Members who have joined the group have pledged to not seek earmarks.  Given that there were only eight members of Congress who don’t seek earmarks before (including Congressmen Shadegg and Flake) this is a step in the right direction. 

The Members at the press conference announcing what they are calling “Reagan21” included Sens. Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint and Congressmen John Shadegg, Jeb Hensarling, Tom Price, Paul Ryan and John Campbell.

Congressman Shadegg posted an announcement about the effort on Red State.  Here are a couple excerpts:

The choices for America have never been clearer.  On almost every issue, Democrats and the left are promoting more government ownership and control, pushing America closer to a welfare state.  All of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls are running on a decidedly collectivist and socialistic leaning platform…

Americans need a clear alternative to the Democrats radical agenda.  Reagan 21 is composed of individual Americans, including Congressmen and Senators, who are committed to fight for Reagan’s principles of liberty and America’s vision of individual freedom, free enterprise, and common-sense traditional values… 

These are the principles of liberty that will once again make the party of Ronald Reagan the party that will guide America’s future…

Americans need to know that there are some in Congress, and across the country, still committed to freedom, and anyone who shares these principles will be welcome to join Reagan 21 and participate in its activities…

I encourage you to join us in this effort.  You read can more about Reagan 21 by going to  

 The other Members who are a part of Reagan21 include Sen. Richard Burr and Congressmen (and women): Michele Bachman (MN), Gresham Barrett (SC), Marsha Blackburn (TN), Eric Cantor (VA), Jeff Flake (AZ), Virginia Foxx (NC), Trent Franks (AZ), Patrick McHenry (NC), Marilyn Musgrave (CO), Peter Roskam (IL), and Lynn Westmoreland (GA).


  1. How can Trent Franks be included? He stuck a $1.5 million chunk of pork in the defense bill for cosmetic surgery on children in foreign countries including the Palestinian territories.

  2. William Crum says

    The future press release:
    It is November 5th, the day after the 2008 election and the Congressman from CD2 was soundly defeated in his third re-election try. Responding to the campaign that Rep Franks has done absolutely nothing for the citizens of CD2 and the rest of the country. He has failed as a representive of Congress. Go home and relax Trent;you don’t deserve it but you don’t deserve to be our Representative either. Go with God Trent;the seniors and children will be better off.

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