Response to Bob Worsley’s inaccurate comments about ALRA

Whether he did so intentionally or simply spoke out of ignorance of the prevalence of politically conservative Latinos, Bob Worsley made a serious miscalculation. He has mischaracterized the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) as having been formed for the sole purpose of endorsing Russell Pearce. He likened the decade old conservative grass roots efforts of ALRA together with another unrelated organization. He insulted all of Arizona’s conservative Latinos by suggesting that no Latinos would legitimately endorse Russell Pearce. ALRA will not be drawn into interpreting the motivations behind Worsley’s messaging regarding any other organizations. However, the offensive comments he made this morning on KFYI merit a response that will set the record straight about ALRA.

Here are some facts that accurately describe the history, purpose and success that is the Arizona Latino Republican Association:

  • ALRA has been in existence for over 10 years as the only voice of Arizona’s conservative Latinos
  • We are the only statewide Latino organization capable of articulately communicating with voters and media in both in English and Spanish
  • Our membership includes Republican Precinct Committeemen, Tea Party Patriots and a number of elected Republican officials
  • 14% (4 out of 29) of the Arizona delegates that will be seated at the 2012 Republican National Convention are current ALRA members
  • ALRA has achieved unprecedented growth and established a chapter of conservative Latinos in the City of Tucson. We are also currently in the process of expanding to other cities and states alike
  • Most importantly, ALRA endorsed Russell Pearce for Senate in LD 25 because he is the only candidate who consistently advocates the rule of law and who also enjoys a proven record of conservative leadership

It is unfortunate that Mr. Worsley either failed to investigate these facts for himself or purposely ignored them before he maligned our efforts as well as the significance of Arizona’s conservative Latinos. It is also unfortunate that Barry Markson/KFYI did not challenge or even question any of those offensive suppositions. Any inquiries regarding the nature, mission and significance of ALRA can easily be answered by going to our website- We invite both Mr. Worsley and KFYI to do their homework and review our website before making any more inaccurate or offensive statements regarding ALRA or the conservative Latinos we represent.

Reymundo Jiménez Torres
President, Arizona Latino Republican Association


  1. From the outset it was clear that porch climber Bob Worsley was seeking support from Hispanics who favor illegal immigration and the illegal immigrants themselves, in true Jerry Lewis fashion. But now he has insulted Hispanics who believe like the majority of Arizonans that immigration laws must be enforced. Worsley has basically made his move to say that all Hispanics SHOULD support lawlessness and those who don’t are conspirators. His flippant insults against the ALRA are proof of his desire for a political career fueled by illegitimacy. Just how many other areas of his legislative agenda will this bleed into, or is it simply carte blanche?

  2. Who listens to KFYI’s local talk show hosts anyway? Markson, Young (and his co-hosts), Broomhead, etc. don’t support conservative principles.

  3. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    Worsley nailed it on the head. This group shills for Russell Pearce & Co. and not too many people are fooled into thinking they represent mainstream Latino conservative thought.

    Most conservative Latinos favor enforcement of immigration laws, but reject the thinly veiled xenophobic hostility and angry rhetoric used by the likes of Russell Pearce.

    • Conservative American says

      MCC wrote: “This group shills for Russell Pearce & Co….”

      I’m open to seeing your evidence supporting this statement. What facts do you have to share with us?

      MCC wrote: “…not too many people are fooled into thinking they represent mainstream Latino conservative thought.”

      Alright, MCC, who does represent “mainstream Latino conservative thought”?

      MCC wrote: “Most conservative Latinos favor enforcement of immigration laws, but reject the thinly veiled xenophobic hostility and angry rhetoric used by the likes of Russell Pearce.”

      Forgive me, MCC, but I was not aware that you are the designated spokesperson for “most conservative Latinos”. Was there an election where you were elected to that position or have you simply declared yourself to be the conservative voice of Latinos?

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        It’s as simple as looking at polling, ConAm. In the Lewis race against Pearce, Latinos broke 4 to 1 against Pearce. Polling in this race shows similar breakdowns.

        Remember that skit from the Chapelle Show with the black white-supremacist who was blind? ALRA reminds me of that character.

        • Conservative American says

          With all due respect, MCC, it doesn’t really seem to be as simple as looking at polling. The claims in your above statement go far beyond merely stating that a majority of Latinos did not vote for Pearce. 😉

          • If Sonoran Alliance readers/posters have ever wondered why everything about America is “upside down”, you could start right here with this subversive conservative-posing leftist shill, whose type has metasticized.

            To label the anti-law anti-sovereignty pro-invasion pro-illegal Hispanics who voted against Russell Pearce as “conservatives” is puking all over yourself idiocy. But it is a game of numbers where the targeted 1% or 2% of vulnerable intelligence-crippled individuals can be brought into the tent.

            I am beginnng to favor conservative websites that utilize a scum shield, and simply box demented leftist trolls out of the picture. On such sites, varying degrees of opinion are bounced back and forth, nurture a learning experience, and more often produce a consensus and strategic planning for those who are somewhere near on the same page. If there is any benefit to an open forum of “political debate” with screeching libtard imposters, I fail to understand what it is.

            • Conservative American says

              Excuse me, zoo, but are you referring to me in the above comment? It looks that way but I doubt that was your intent. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

              • Not at all CA; I thought I had hit Mesa Convoluted Conservative’s reply button, but it still was an expansion on your response. Sorry.

              • Conservative American says

                No problem, zoo. I thought that was probably what happened. Thanks for clarifying. 😉

      • Another Mesa Voter says

        CA wrote: “I’m open to seeing your evidence supporting this statement. What facts do you have to share with us?”

        Just found out Jose Borrajero of the ALRA was the robo voice for the Pearce Recall. Remember the Olivia Cortes scandal, deceiving hispanic voters? ALRA has no credibility.

        • Another Mesa Voter says

          “According to various sources, the ALRA’s current vice president, Constantinos “Dino” Eliades, helped solicit signatures to place Cortes’ name on the ballot. Indeed, Eliades’ name, address, and signature appear on three petition sheets as a circulator for Cortes.”

  4. So, Pearce couldn’t create a story about Worsley stealing toys from kids? Or find a fake candidate like Olivia Cortes?

    Let me know when you find an actual Teacher in the “Teacher’s” group that QC hastily created to make Pearce look like less of a Neanderthal! Eduction is good…

    Anyone that can still back a sleazebag like Pearce deserves him (and his corrupt brother)

    • Conservative American says

      Lampoon, anyone, anywhere on the political spectrum can post this sort of snark. You may feel a sense of satisfaction by doing so but you have added nothing whatsoever to the political discussion.

      How long will Shane continue to permit comments referring to someone as a “sleazebag”? Not much longer, I hope!

      Are you listening, Shane?

      • Let’s see…fake hispanic candidate put up by Russ and QC…Sleazebag
        Not finding Fiesta Bowl receipts?…Sleazebag
        Making up story about Lewis?….Sleazebag
        Fake LDS endorsement?….Sleazebag
        Fake “teacher’s” endorsement? ….Sleazebag
        History at MVD?….Sleazebag
        Spousal Abuse?…..Sleazebag
        Can’t do a fundraising effort anywhere near his district?….Sleazebag
        Mentor to Nazi who murdered 4 people, including a baby?….Sleazebag
        Didn’t even have the class to congratulate Lewis when he got beat by 12 points? Sleazebag

        Those are my opinions, and if you don’t like it, I understand. But..if you are the type that wants to censor anyone with a different point of view? That is Un-American.

        Hey CA….no one ever censors what they agree with, be a man, be for free speech.

        • Conservative American says

          Alright, Lampoon. If Shane sees fit to permit you to continue on like this, you can have his blog and I’ll go elsewhere. It’s all yours now, Lampoon! Enjoy!

          • CA, a true conservative wouldn’t be afraid of someone using freedom of speech to express an opinion. But, I guess you aren’t a true conservative, just a coward.

            And….you didn’t address all the things that Pearce such a sleazebag.

            • I’ve said it before. You slimeball leftist / Democraps / street rabble are lucky you can even post herel; that says a lot about Shane’s patience and dedication to free speech. Even though you have gotten away with murder on this CONSERVATIVE website, you just can’t resist attacking the site host as well. When is the last time any one of you muthas came here and slammed a DEMOCRAT the way you just libeled Russell Pearce? If I had my way, you screeching pay toilet butlers would be banished to the New Times or Move On social cesspools where you belong.

              • Ah Zoo, where to start? I actually voted today, I will be out of town on election day. My ballot was a Republican ballot, so don’t pull the old leftist baloney on me. Shane is patient, you however have no desire for free speech and debate, you just want to hear yourself and your views in a constant echo chamber. Last time I checked, Worsley was a Republican…so we are debating between two Republicans.

                I didn’t libel Pearce at all, I posted my views that the guy is a sleazeball. He has a record of doing sleazy things (Olivia Cortes?) and being less than honest (Fiesta Bowl?) and is not well liked (losing by 12% in his own district?).

                If you had your way, there would be no free speech, just yours. What a craven and cowardly to think. Are your opinions so paper thin weak that you are threatened by anyone else with another view? Free speech is tough, remember, no one censors speech they agree with.

                You boys need some more “eduction”

  5. Tiny Elvis says

    another blog posted the audio, and my transcript may not be 100% accurate, but I think this is the statement in question: “you look at two of his endorsements…the Arizona Latino Republicans and the Arizona Teachers Association. Two things you would not naturally think would be something he would want…he could claim he has endorsements from.”

    Did I miss something? Are the other comments? Because if this is it…I think the ALRA just proved Worsley’s point.


  6. Let’s get something straight — actions speak louder than words (about 30 dB’s). Russel Pearce does not advocate the rule of law. He is a wife beater, did some illegal acts while running the D M V, and used a sham candidate (Olivia Cortes) to try to defeat his recall election. He is a conservative, but he does not advocate the rule of law, and his actions clearly demonstrate that.

    • Conservative American says

      Let’s get something straight. Russell Pearce is no more a wife beater than you are, Bill. Not only does he advocate the rule of law but he took on the lawless Obama administration and beat it in court. How often do you find someone at the state level who is willing to take on a lawless liberal POTUS and is able to whip him before SCOTUS?

      If your memory fails you, provisions of the “Legal Arizona Workers Act” were challenged in court. Obama asked his Solicitor General to request that SCOTUS hear the case, the Obama forces having lost in every lower court. SCOTUS soundly rebuked Obama’s assertion that provisions of that legislation were unconstitutional.

      Feel free to offer a list of other Arizona politicians who have done that. Actions DO speak louder than words!

      • I’m glad you’re back CA, I was getting worn down by these rats.

      • Fine, leave out the wife beater (Bundgaard and Patterson locked that one up, anyways).

        You’re still dealing with a person fired from DMV for committing an illegal act and favors for a political crony and Olivia Cortes.

        While there’s many more reasons to list, either of the above two are reason enough to not elect Pearce.

        Arizona Conservatives can do a lot better than Russell Pearce.

        And,he is a sleazeball.

  7. Nordine Crub says

    Is Olivia Cortes member of this Latin Group? Something smells kinda fishy here. Just say’n

  8. Sign vandalism is taking place in another one of Constantin Querard’s Clients races. In the LD-25 Senate race between CQ’s Russell Pearce & Bob Worsley:

    The word “Amnesty” is being stenciled on Worsley signs all through the District. None of the Pearce signs are being vandalized.

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