Resolutions a la Arizona GOP Style

Here is the list of resolutions which will be voted on during the Arizona Republican Convention. Delegates, feel free to comment and explain your votes.

1) Resolution on Fiscal Restraint

2) Resolution Prohibiting the Use of National ID’s

3) Resolution Against Amnesty, in Favor of Clarifying the Fourteenth Amendment and Supporting Legislation Removing Sanctuary Policies

4) Resolution in Support of American Sovereignty

5) Plyler v. Doe Resolution

6)  A Resolution in Opposition to the Forest Service Road Management Plan and in Support of Forest Access and Multiple Land Use

Any thoughts on the $12 to $15 lunch?


  1. Quick thought on the lunch – No whining. It costs what it costs. if you don’t like it, bring your own food, go to a restaurant, get a pizza delivered, whatever you want.

    Its called the free market dude, so no whining. Nobody is making you buy it or eat it.

  2. I assume that comes with Grey Poupon Mustard?

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