Republic’s black out of County Attorney race, part II

As this blog has pointed out, the Republic just isn’t covering the County Attorney’s race, and people are starting to talk about it.  The New Times’ Ray Stern weighed in on the curious lack of coverage today in his blog.

As Stern points out, this stands in contrast to the Republic’s treatment of the County Attorney’s race in 2008.  As you may remember, the Republic was hot to help Janet Napolitano’s lawyer, Tim Nelson, defeat incumbent Andrew Thomas.  The little known Nelson needed to raise his name ID in that race to improve his chances, and the Republic was all too happy to help him with extensive coverage.

This time, the Republic is very much of the same mind as interim County Attorney Rick Romley politically, and Romley enjoys good name ID from his 16 years as County Attorney.  Of course, news coverage of a race tends to negate name ID, which probably explains why the Republic is mum on this race.  The Republic is hoping that if it simply does not talk about the race, Romley can eke by on name ID, despite his soft on illegal immigration policies that might otherwise spell doom in a Republican primary.

The Republic really doesn’t have a reason for not covering the race.  The contrasts between Romley and fellow moderate candidate Boyd Dunn on one side, and conservative Bill Montgomery, are stark.  And they involve the type of red meat, hot button illegal immigration issues that sell newspapers.  Besides there is no denying the importance of the office.

From a news and business standpoint, the Republic should be covering the race.  Stern speculates that the Republic’s political agenda, i.e. their desire to see Romley reelected, is getting in the way.  The difference in coverage between 2008 and 2010, and the likely reasons, are not lost on people, and it’s hurting the Republic’s credibility.


  1. Other than the article on his announcement, I cannot remember one Republic article mentioning the fact that Bill Montgomery is running against Romley. It seems a clear effort to keep Bill from getting his message out because the Republic knows his tough on crime and illegal immigration platform is popular with the public

  2. You want a liberal paper to write more about Bill Montgomery? Uh, be careful for what you wish for; you just might get it.

  3. LOL! I thought you guys didn’t bother reading the Republic any more!

  4. Romley keeps stepping in it, whether it’s taking money from Sheriff Joe to enforce employer sanctions or his staunch opposition to SB 1070. This “blackout” seems aimed at preventing the public from knowing that they have a real alternative in the Republican primary in conservative Bill Montgomery…

  5. VSB, I’d like to not read the Republic anymore but the fact is that while it’s influence continues to decrease it still has influence and I still need it to keep up on the news. Is it a quality newspaper? Of course not.

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