Republicans for Obama

While much is still made over “Republicans for Janet” (those Republican party members and precinct committeemen who endorsed the Democrat for Governor), there is a much graver situation developing in Arizona and other states. You can call them “Republicans for Obama”, their leaders are men like Jay Weeldreyer and Phil Corbell, and their impact may be far more damaging than any Republicans for Janet.

Frankly, with Napolitano cruising to victory by more than thirty points, the defection of dozens of Republican officials really did not matter in the overall scheme of things. It is quite clear that Napolitano would have won convincingly anyway. The race for President is obviously much closer, in Arizona and nationally, and even a tiny shift could make the difference between a Republican President and Democrat President, a conservative or liberal Supreme Court, free-market or socialized medicine…Many of these Republicans for Obama (RFO) are angry and disaffected Republicans and Libertarians. They may vote for Chuck Baldwin (Constitutional Party) or even Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate for President that only a few years ago the Libertarians were cheering the defeat of (and taking credit for). Many will simply sit the election out in the hopes of denying the Republican Party victory and tipping the White House and Congress to the Democrats at the same time. Their ultimate goal? The collapse of the Republican Party itself so that a new, stronger Libertarian party can emerge from its rubble. As Weeldreyer himself said, “The notion is, let’s just break the GOP because the people who are running and holding office in it aren’t respecting what the constituents want.”

Here is Arizona, letting the GOP “suffer a massive loss” means re-electing Gabby Giffords and Harry Mitchell, defeating John Shadegg and Trent Franks, and possibly even tipping one or both branches of the State Legislature to the Democrats, thereby increasing Janet Napolitano’s power.

To accomplish this, RFOers continue to harass state parties–including here in Arizona–bringing legal challenges, writing long angry letters accusing party officials of malfeasance, and promoting chaos wherever possible. Many of the group’s leaders are seeking election to party offices themselves so that they can begin to control the various levers of power. And, as a recent AP story pointed out, “…they expressed little party allegiance and little concern that their third-party votes could benefit Obama, a candidate even further from their views than McCain.”

As genuine conservatives or liberty-minded individuals, they could gather in Denver during the Democrat convention, to protest the socialistic policies of that party and its nominee. They could protest putting trees before people, universal healthcare, higher taxes, assaults on our 2nd Amendment rights, and more. But they won’t be in Denver because they’re saving their money to travel to Minneapolis during the Republican convention, to protest the party that gets it right on all of those issues.

No doubt they consider themselves patriots of the highest and noblest order. And we can be sure that many of them will post comments defending their actions as being pure and noble and all of that. But the fact remains that “breaking the GOP” remains the goal, and Barack Obama is very grateful to them for the work they do.


  1. Any RFOs, however mislead, are symptomatic of the chasm within the Republican Party.

    The Maricopa County GOP has been a runaway freight train – splintering off of the AZ GOP and the RNC to undermine and reverse any and all progress made in recruiting voters and getting candidates elected.

    The made-for-TV drama queens in the MCRC certainly are a fine example of WHY Republican voters may turn away from our own Presidential candidate. They are the poster boys & girls of “How to Kill the GOP in 10 short years!”

    They are, collectively, showing signs of desperation. I think the little Wizard of OZ is getting nervous the closer we get to election day. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and Toto are about to get the shock of their lives.

    The MCRC sermons are adamantly against McCain. They supported Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul – in that order (see straw vote count). Even after none of these candidates survived the nomination process, the MCRC is NOT on board with McCain.

    What will they do? Write in the Wizard, I mean – Rob Haney for President?

  2. Oh, I almost forgot to post the most important thing.

    To the author: Party Platform Guy……
    Your article is very timely and relevant. Thank you very much for the open dialogue.

    My children have been following the happenings and infighting w/in the GOP very closely. Over months and months now, my explanations have grown tired – to me and to them.

    They are beginning to distance themselves from the GOP – because they don’t see any ‘Party Pride’ or support from within the local ranks. They see, hear, experience and observe the same HATE and ANGER that we older folks do.

    They view the AZ leadership as a authoritarian hierarchy who practices an adult version of corporal punishment if you merely DISAGREE with anything they say or do.

    Sadly, it’s not just how the kids think about the GOP, they have many more years LEFT TO VOTE than I do. They’ve told their friends, talked about it in class ALREADY – on the 2nd day of school! That’s not good at all. It could take generations to do all of the damage control necessary to mop this one up.

    The kids actually asked me if it is different in other states or it’s just this bad in Arizona.

  3. Nice to see Bob posting without race baiting this time. But he’s still whacking away at an entire group of people (the MCRC) for the actions of a few. The vast majority of the MCRC are actively supporting their party’s nominee for President. They may not all have during the primaries (although some did), but they are very loyal Republicans who give a great deal of their own time, money and energy to help the party. Maybe this “hyper-involvement” explains why they are suspicious of a guy jumping into a race after being a Republican for five whole days. We have enough trouble with RINOs who have been Republicans their whole lives that taking a chance on a new R when two proven R’s are running just makes no sense.

  4. If the ‘entire group’ did not approve of the actions of a ‘few’ – then why did they elect the Executive Council to represent them? Why hasn’t there been some protest on behalf of the membership?

    It is what it is – and it’s not contingent upon the meaning of that word. I stand by my position.

  5. Nah, if I accept your argument that the whole of the GOP is spoken for by the MCRC and the MCRC endorsed rather than have a “faux Republican” steal a seat, then I have to conclude that there IS Party Pride and that the GOP isn’t going to allow a Democrat to steal a seat. Rather, they’re going to show Party Pride and stand up to those efforts.

    Which contradicts your claim that you don’t see Party Pride.

  6. Just Win Baby says

    Somehow this post went sideways. I could care less who or what in LD6 compared to Arizona and the whole country. What do we do about the so-called GOPers for Obama?

  7. It depends on what you do about what caused them to jump ship in the first place!

    It doesn’t help to create more labels & name-calling. It’s so old.

    Do you have an answer for, “What happened?”

  8. Wrong Again says

    The MCRC sermons are adamantly against McCain ???

    Not exactly. An anti-McCain vote by the MCRC was taken right after the AZ primary and the anti-McCain folk lost badly.

    Sorry, Bob you need to get your facts straight.

  9. Stick to good old fashioned Ronald Reagan Republican values: Less govt, lower taxes, free enterprise, capitalism.
    Not mexican hating and more red tape and Berlin Walls. If you want ethnic cleansing, go live in Russia, I hear it is making a comeback there. They will probably restrict businesses from hiring the wrong people and make them pay more taxes so the govt can make sure they dont hire the wrong people.
    Didnt Ronald Reagan sign the original amnesty?

  10. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Mexican hating? Without the lure of jobs obtained illegally, how many Mexican lives would not have been lost in the heat of the desert or in overturned overcrowded vehicles?

    What is the problem with businesses being expected to make sure the people they are hiring are legitimately in our country? With ID that is NOT stolen?

    So the elitists are going to vote for an elitist socialist. What a surprise!!!

  11. Just Win Baby says

    Bob Yokum, like all illegal-lovin’ lefties, you always skip an important distinction in your rush to the Berlin Wall argument. Our fence is designed to keep lawbreakers OUT, just like the wall/fence/locked front door at your own home you hypocritical putz.

    The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in.

    What a pathetic argument.

  12. lyle tuttle says

    Bob in DV wrote:
    The MCRC sermons are adamantly against McCain. They supported Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul – in that order (see straw vote count).
    Bob, you forgot the number one vote getter FOR president at that time: Duncan Hunter – McCain finished 4th……McCain also finished FIRST in that same poll in response to another question: Who would you LEAST like to see be the GOP Noninee for President….he won that one very easily.

    Of course, we all must understand that the people who were voting are not the “regular voters” — this was a “non-scientific poll” — the peope voting were Republican Activists, PC’s who actually FOLLOW politics, and sometimes know the score better than those who do not volunteer their time, money and efforts in support of the GOP Platform.

    Oh? You didn’t know there was a Platform? You haven’t READ the Platform? Oh well, no matter. Even though you aren’t familiar with the issues, you can vote for whoever looks the best on TV to you — that’s the American way.

    On another issue: Phil Corbell has been named as a “RFO”. This tells me just how little that author actually knows about Phil. It IS true that Phil writes long (and sometimes STRONGLY WORDED emails castigating (some) Republicans for their actions, or lack of same. It is true that Phil was/is a strong supporter of Ron Paul, but I submitt to you that the convention vote has not yet been taken, and UNTIL THAT TIME, candidates who are still in the race are eligible for support. I suggest to you that IF, AFTER the convention, Phil does not support the nominee, you would be correct in calling him a RFO, BUT UNTIL THEN, you are just showing a lack of understanding about the political process. I can also tell you that if I had just two (2) people in every District in Maricopa County who worked as hard for the GOP as Phil Corbell does, there would not be one Dimocrat in an elected position in this county. Again, that author must have no concept of what Phil does — I do — I work with him nearly every day to further the Republican Party.

    Since when is it wrong to ask, loudly if need be, for what is right?


    Lyle Tuttle, past MCRC Chairman & not ashamed to sign my name.

  13. Mr. Tuttle,

    You’ve been on this earth long enough to know better than to fall into the trap that those 30 years your junior use.

    You’ve taught your minions the MCRC traits of rhetoric talk, finger-pointing and name calling very well. You couldn’t resist and neither can they.

    To answer your moment of weakness:

    Oh! Guess what! I know the Platform VERY well. I’ve read it a number of times. I’m very much aware that the MCRC refuses to abide by the the Call to Action. Period.

    I’ve even submitted my “ideas” for the new platform. I’ve used the 2004 platform in class – to show the youth what is really supposed to happen & what the “expected” level of conscience is & how they can judge the hypocrisy they observe. I know the issues, I believe in the issues and I VOTE the issues.

    Let’s be fair Mr. Tuttle, you were on the payroll – so you had a vested interest and obligation to live and breathe the GOP and engross yourself in all of the personalities that are attracted to the political arena. That make our perspectives immediately different at first glance.

    I can only extend to you my sincere apologies that it is not 1856, 1964 nor 1976 any more.

  14. GlendaleGOP says

    Take it from those of us who know him, Corbell is a nut. If Lyle Tuttle had two of him in every district, there would be 61 Republicans left in Arizona.

    The point of the post seems to be that folks like Corbell aren’t working FOR Paul, they’re working AGAINST McCain and AGAINST the GOP. Destruction is their goal and they’re pretty good at it. Thank goodness they’re not too good at it, but they still do their damage.

  15. lyle tuttle says

    Consider this:

    A political party is much like a freight train on a track — it is running down that track as fast as possible, but the track has switches in it. Depending on which way the switch is set, you might go to Douglas, or maybe Winslow.

    It’s the same with the GOP: You might go more liberal or you might go more conservative.

    The question is, WHO do you want to control these switches?

    Who wouldput this “train” on the correct (whatever that is) path?

    Would it be Nathan Sproul? Or would you choose Russell Pearce? Lisa James or Randy Pullen? Phil corbell or Horst Krouse? Jay Tibshraeny or Ron Gould? Cheryl Pietkiewicz or Rob Haney?

    You see, it’s these constant small “corrections” or “adjustments” that actually get the train to the destination, or, in this case, the party to the office.

    Ask yourself these kinds of questions:

    1. Do I beleive in global warming?
    2. Do I think we should drill for more oil?
    3. Do I beleive in the ‘cap and trade’ deal?
    4. Would I vote for Joe Liberman for VP?
    5. Do I agree with McCain/Fiengold?
    6. Do I want open borders?

    These are just a few of the questions you must decide for yourself, and these are just some of the “litte switches” that the GOP is confronted with every day…..and it’s up to each of us to decide which way the switch is set.

    The real questions are these:

    1. Can we set the switch without killing each other?

    2. What CAN we agree on?

    3. Are you willing to take the arrows of those who have a different opinion than you to reach the goal of Republicans in office….REAL Republicans, not “5-Day Wonders”……..

  16. A better question:

    Do you know how to spell “believe”?

  17. Any American taxpayer that votes for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  18. Corbell came down our way to recruit PCs and for him, the whole pitch was about stopping McCain. Mind you, this was long after McCain clinched the nomination. It seems Corbell has some plan for how his friends can take over the national convention and deny McCain the nomination. Needless to say, his pitch did not go over at all and he didn’t sign anyone up.


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