Republican Rick Grinnell Announces Bid for Tucson Mayor as Write-In

CONTACT: Kim Kimbriel

“Tucsonans deserve a choice, a chance to elect an experienced leader.” 

Long-time community and business leader Rick Grinnell announced on July 12th he has filed official documentation to run for mayor of Tucson as a Republican write-in candidate in the August primary election.

In making his announcement, Grinnell said he is asking voters to write him in as a candidate because “Tucson deserves a choice, a chance to elect an experienced leader who knows what it takes to ‘Move Tucson Forward.’

“I coined the phrase Move Tucson Forward in 2009 and organized the first forum that year to engage business and government representatives in joint discussions on how to transform our city into a thriving, welcoming business environment. Enhancing employment opportunities is what it will take to provide us with the resources to sustain our economy and to support the growing needs of our community.

“I am running for mayor because I believe in Tucson and am committed to making this vision a reality. With a strong economic and stable business environment we will be able to generate more jobs and take care of our families. We will walk our streets without fear because we will be able to hire more public safety personnel. We will have adequate resources to repair our streets. We will be able to enjoy many of the wonderful dining venues, arts and leisure activities that Tucson has to offer.

To accomplish these goals, Tucson needs experienced leadership. For over 20 years, I have served the city as an active participant in numerous civic, professional and community efforts to help improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. I have helped our people find jobs, mentored individuals and counseled businesses owners to help them grow. As a business owner myself, I fully understand the challenges and heartache when people share their stories. Business owners who have to tell their employees they have to close the doors. Builders who tell the construction crew to not come back because they won’t be building anything for a while. Or a big employer who has to restructure, cut salaries or cut people.

Tucsonans are frustrated with the City Leadership. They are eager and ready for a change in leadership that will give them opportunities for success and growth. I ask citizens of Tucson to write me in as a candidate for mayor, so I can help this great city of ours move forward towards a brighter future.”

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