Republican Professionals Hosts Successful Event at NRA Convention

Rep. Debbie Lesko and new Republican Professionals president Beth Hoel

The Official Republican Professionals held a successful event on Saturday in conjunction with the NRA National Convention, drawing 150 Republicans, conservatives and NRA members from across the nation.

The free networking event, held at downtown Phoenix’s Wyndham Hotel featured speeches promoting Republican principles, galvanizing conservative grassroots efforts and taking back local, state and national offices.

Republican Professionals President Beth Hoel, Guest Speaker Sen. John Huppenthal and RP Executive VP Thomas Galvin

Distinguished guests include featured speaker, and State Senator, John Huppenthal, State Representatives Ray Barnes, Debbie Lesko and House Majority Whip Andy Tobin, and many prominent members of state, county and local Republican parties.


  1. Inquiring Mind says

    Uhhh, who are the folks with Lesko and Huppenthal?

  2. Odd, I stopped by the event for about half an hour, and there were never more than about 30 people in the room, mostly people over 50 who were obviously from the NRA convention. The room was mostly empty. So I’m not sure where they’re getting 75 people.

  3. I went to the Politics on the Rocks and Republican Professionals events and had a good time at each. Lots of friends and new faces. The Republican Professionals one at the Wyndham was my favorite because Sen. Huppenthal gave an amazing speech. I liked what Thomas had to say at the Rocks event too but didn’t care for the libertarian. 30 people at the Wyndham? Someone needs glasses. I thought there was 130-160 people there. I wonder if this Dave poster is the same gentleman who thought 350 were at the W event when I saw about 130 – 175 at most. 350? Only if you count every guest at the hotel and the wait staff…regardless, I’m tired of reading all the negative comments. You both have great organizations. Let’s move on and focus on beating the Dems!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with competition. Let’s just keep it clean and above board. In time, we will know if either one of these groups prosper, survive or flounder.

  5. Grumpy Gus says

    Any time a group calls itself “Official” you know enough to stay away.

  6. You have to wonder how many people would have shown up at the Saturday event of the self proclaimed “official” group if it wasn’t physically at a hotel next to the NRA convention.

  7. Ahoy 'thar matey says

    This was the “official” Republican Pirates event – sanctioned by the State GOP and Chairman Pullen.

  8. Let’s just see how many returning guests there are since they recruited most of the out of towners at the NRA Convention to come to their event. Booze and guns…no wonder people showed up….it was convenient…

    Let’s see how successful they are rounding up the Congressional delegation, business leaders, Real Republican Professionals.
    It’s a joke that they can call themselves “professionals” when Brett is no representation of that and the other two well I wouldn’t call them exactly “employed” now.

    Maybe they should call their group “Republican’s Unprofessional and Unemployed.”

  9. Supposedly someone took video of the entire event and there were only 50 people total throughout the whole evening! Hopefully they will release it! Hahaha…these guys were going to say it was a success no matter what. They have no excuse to fail! Brett Mecum is (unfortunately) second in command down at the GOP and Dial and Ducharme don’t have jobs!!!! I guess karma really does come back around, you pirates!

  10. Competition is good says

    I went to both events as well and saw 350-400 people at The W event and maybe 35-50 people tops at the Phoenix event. I think the competition is good but this Phoenix group claiming there were 150 people is absurd. I think it is fine to have 2 competing groups, but honesty is very important.

  11. Inquiring Mind says

    “I heard” “you have to wonder” “supposedly” “pirates”. These accusations and hearsay keep coming from one camp, aimed at another. Where’s the civility? If “Politics on the Rocks” is sure of themselves why are they using the “Republican Professionals” name as bait and switch? If “Official Republican Professionals” want to rebut anything, why not respond to the attacks? One side seems too vicious, the other seems too meek. None appeal to me.

  12. Desert AZ GOPer says

    For starters, I was at the Republican Professionals event and thought it was very solid. I would say that easily 150 made the rounds. And it made sense to combine it with NRA folks, almost all of whom were registered Republicans, not LIBERTARIANS!

    Secondly, I would say that Republican Professionals is not being “too meek,” as Inquiring Mind puts it. Ryan, Jeff and crew are acting professional, and are refusing to participate in the public sleazefest being orchestrated by the ugly guy with big ears.

    Does anybody else wonder why, if Charles Jensen is the legitimate founder of Republican Professionals, he decided to suddenly start up another group with the silly name Politics on the Rocks? And why in the hell did he invite a libertarian to his first event?

    Seems to me that Charles Jensen’s paranoid behavior, such as hurling false sexual harassment accusations (which is ironic, given his reputation)says alot about who he is.

    Let’s all hope that Jensen and his minions soon get at least a touch of class and stop behaving like a bunch of brats.

  13. hmmmm.... says

    It seems to me that the Ducharme and Dial (and Crew) have a couple of bad apples on their hands.
    I’m interested to see who succeeds in this bulls%&t battle!!
    But I would be willing to put my hard earned money down…

  14. Desert AZ GOPer & Other Dial/Ducharme/Mecum supporters,

    I suggest you check your sources.
    First of all there were only like 30-50 people there. There is video out there circultating to prove it. I suggest you watch it.
    Quit lying about this successful event. Most of the people there were out of town NRA people anyway!

    How dare you suggest that the sexual harassment allegations are false. Why don’t you ask their new board member they just elected President. Funny how she is on there side now when she is one of the sole people claiming the sexual allegations. They are manipulative towards women and it needs to stop.

    Check out these recent photos that have surfaced or your golden party boy aka the ED of the STATE GOP.

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