Republican precinct committeemen select three replacements to fill State Senate vacancy in LD-4

Tried and true Republican precinct committeemen gathered Monday night in Sun City to choose three individuals to fill the vacancy left by recently resigned State Senator, Scott Bundgaard.

The meeting which was held at the Union Hills Country Club and conducted by the State Republican Party in accordance with Arizona law, began at 6:15 and lasted two hours with two rounds of balloting.

Seven candidates were nominated from the floor knowing that only three would survive the final cut. Those nominated included, State Representative Judy Burges, former NFL pro Tony Bouie, former State Representative Jerry Overton, longtime Republican activist Lyle Tuttle, David Livingston, Eric Spencer and Joy Grainger.

Each candidate was allowed five minutes to speak and make the case for their nomination.

In order to survive a round of balloting, candidates needed 75 votes.

Precinct committeemen proceeded to vote in the first round with the results selecting two candidates: Eric Spencer with 121 votes and Judy Burges with 101 votes. No one else survived the first round and the David Livingston was eliminated as the lowest vote receiver.

In the second round of balloting, Lyle Tuttle surpassed the 75-vote threshold with 77 votes. That concluded the lineup and the meeting was adjourned.

Spencer, Burges and Tuttle now head to the Maricopa County Supervisors who are required to make a final appointment. That appointment may come as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

Based on the vote count totals, that candidate will likely be Eric Spencer. Should the Supervisors appoint Representative Burges, Legislative District 4 Republicans will be required to gather again within a week in order to nominate a replacement to succeed Burges’ House vacancy.


  1. I was impressed with Eric Spencer. Judy Burges has been a longtime consistent conservative vote in the legislature and Lyle Tuttle has also worked very hard over many years to carry the conservative mantle. I wish them all the best!

  2. Eric Spenser is the hands down favorite:
    Outstandiing resume that would be an asset to AzGOP and West Valley Republicans

    1. None of the baggage which Bundgaard carried, history well known by the LD 4 Chair and Tuttle both, a wound that has caused so much trouble and condemnation by the voting public. 2. Whose selection would not require yet another election held in LD4 as in the case of Judy Burges. 3. A solid Conservative who has worked well with all factions of LD4.

    Judy Burges is the next best based on her voting record, but according to Jack Harper ‘s post in the AZ REP blogs, had some kind of problem with voter re-registration falling short of the required months, months she will probably have by the time an election for the position actually takes place.

  3. Hope the Board of Supervisors allow someone to serve the people of LD4 who is NOT associated with Bundgaard. Right here on Sonoran Alliance Lyle Tuttle voiced his support:

    Lyle Tuttle says:
    January 19, 2011 at 12:34 pm
    Bundgaard is good — BUT– he has his hands full with Senate position and Majority leader…..that, coupled with the problem of an elected official running the Party effectively removes Scott from this race.(GOP Party Chairman) He is MY Senator, and I fully support him in that position.

    That was before the freeway brawl. He reportedly supported him all the way through the year of lies and final resignation.

    LD4 needs a fresh start and it seems like Eric Spenser might fill the bill.

  4. No guts, no glory says

    All three are good choices, but Judy Burges is the most conservative of the bunch. We need someone like Judy in the AZ Senate.

    For the 2011 legislative session she was No. 1 in the rankings of both the Pachyderm Coalition and the Goldwater Institute. She has done more to advance the conservative agenda than the other two candidates combined. Let’s show Judy that we appreciate her efforts by doing everything we can to make her next job the senator for AZ LD4.

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