Republican moderate champions financial boondoggle.

     Steve Huffman got what he wanted this legislative session. The Rio Dinero project will suck more money away from the state budget to fund… well who knows what it’s actually funding. Certainly not the revitalization of Downtown Tucson. The place looks about the same as it did before the first several million was wasted. Undeterred, Huffman got his cohorts to waste another $600 million. I thought we were short on funds for education in this state! Huffman’s pal in the house, Hershberger, is always whining that we are not spending enough on social services. Well Pete why did you vote to waste $600,000,000? That money surely could have gone to something more useful.

     The really amazing part is that Huffman’s district does not even come close to downtown Tucson. It really does not contain much if any of Tucson proper. Huffman lives up in a swanky part of Oro Valley. If he had actually been doing his job he would have secured funding for something useful like a bridge over the CDO wash at La Cholla Blvd. 

     But politics makes strange bedfellows and he obviously pleased the right people based on his fundraising. I am just sorry that people in his district have to drove all around the Northwest when it rains just so Steve could run for Congress. 

     Why downtown Tucson? Why not revitalize Southeastern La Paz County? Why not build a new rural heath center in Hyder? There is nothing special about downtown Tucson. Like most downtowns, no one want to live there and after hours it turns into a ghost town. They are essential having to pay people to live where they otherwise do not want to live. Sounds like a waste to me. 

     Steve if you get to Congress what is next for Southern Arizona? A new civic center in Albuquerque? 

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