Republican Debate

Best line of the night was Gov. Mike Huckabee “[Congress] spends more money than John Edwards at a beauty salon.” If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of Edwards primping in front of the mirror, here it is.  Hilarious.

Update: Here is a debate summary.  The Fox debate was much better than the one moderated by former Carter administration official Chris Matthews.  Matthews asked ridiculous questions such as “What do you hate most about America.” 


  1. First Impressions of the debate:

    McCain: A little stuffy

    Romney: A little too staged

    Giuliani: A little too smart alecky

    Tancredo: A little too distant

    Paul: A little too alarmist

    Brownback: A little too drippy

    Hunter: A little too hard core

    Thompson: A little too “where am I?”

    Gilmore: Fairly straight forward

    Huckabee: Really came off sincere

  2. We had a group in to watch the debate. Most thought Duncan Hunter ran away with the evening.

    Ron Paul imploded. In essentially blaming America for the 9/11 attacks, it’s all but over for him. Ditto Brownback and Thompson. (I’m waiting for the real Thompson to declare!)

    McCain won’t make it to the primary finish line. His negative comments about using whatever techniques possible to obtain information from suspected terrorists, held an intended KO punch for Hunter, that never materialized. He tried to configure himself as the only person with the necessary military experience to know the score–completely dismissing Duncan Hunter’s Vietnam service and that of his sons during the current war.
    McCain tries to stand out, but succeeds in standing out—in the rain.

    Yes, we all liked Reagan, but the never ending Ronald Reagan comparisons are wearing thin. Let’s not forget his 1986 “one time” amnesty that laid the groundwork for the mega-problems we’re experiencing today.

  3. Thompson needs a different tailor, his shirt collar did not fit him well making his head look too large for his shoulders.

    Paul needs to go to Canada or France, oh wait too late for that one, somewhere were they will appreciate his whiney voice of anti-American rhetoric…. Or just go away would be great.

    Tancredo needs to stop looking so surprised when he speaks. He makes sense but his facial expression gives the impression he could melt down if the words don’t flow well.

    McCain needs to let go of the podium and show he can actually stand on his own.

    Giuliani needs to open his mouth when he speaks, let it all out Rudy.

    Romney needs to have a drink and I don’t mean lemonade; nobody is that composed, that prepared, that all together all the time. He sounded great and his answers to his flip/flops made sense but “Stepford” images kept creeping up.

    Brownback, Gilmore…where they there? Oh ya, now which one was Gilmore?

    Hunter needs to go see John Edwards hair guy, have a drink with Mitt, and play safe while he rides this out hoping for a VP invite.

    Huckabee did OK, but OK won’t be enough. See Hunter.

    AND….Fred Thompson needs to save us from all of this!

  4. Republicans have become so concerned with cosmetics, personality, and above all with ideological purity, that they’ve forgotten competence and qualifications

    That’s what happened in 2000 also, and it hasn’t worked out all that well.

  5. Randall — you got to be kidding me. Every Democrat has to have good hair and and be listed on People Magazine’s “most beautiful people” issue — Obama in his bathing suit. Are you saying Cheney was picked for his sex appeal, unlike Silky Pony Edwards.

    The only policy differences in the Democrat field is some of them HATE George Bush, while others just dislike him.

    Its all style over substance for you Dems.

  6. Chad —
    I’m pretty sure that this post and comment thread were about Republican candidates and the Fox debate.

    By the way, are you saying that Dick Cheney is de facto the president of the United States?

  7. Apologies Randall. I thought you were one of our liberal friends.

    In any case, looking at the Republican field, there is only candidate who falls into the “cosmetics” and “personality” category, and the knock against him is he is too perfect. Half of our party is waiting for Fred Thompson, a bald, frumpy old man.

    George Bush is very much in charge and highly competent, though very human and under a highly vicous, hateful attacks. He can do no good even he does good. Edwards was chosen because he is pretty. Cheney because he has gravitas.

  8. I’m one of those Republicans who no longer supports Bush.

    We’ve had thousands here in the homeland killed or maimed because of open borders. …and then, of course, we have Fort Dix…

    Claims we’re in Iraq to protect us here at home now make me angry.

    Why aren’t our borders HERE protected??!!
    It’s been demonstrated on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS that anyone could walk WMD over our southern border.

    DOJ Attorney Johnny Sutton (a buddy of Bush) would rather prosecute (persecute?) Border Patrol agents than drug dealers.

    We have armed incursions along our southern border.

    Our public lands now have warnings posted!!

    None of the above is defensible by Bush or his die-hard supporters.

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