Republic “Wedging” East Valley People of Faith?

The Arizona Republic certainly appears to be exploiting a division between people of faith in their latest story, “Anti-Mormon DVD given to 18,000 homes.”

The story reads like a classic example of the reporter running back and forth between both parties trying to incite escalation: “Well they said that you…”

The reader is left to believe that the group, Concerned Christians, is nothing more than a handful of disgruntled former Mormons looking to take shots at their former church. That simply is not the case.

Pulling up the Concerned Christians website, which is never cited by the Republic, the ministry gives an explanation for what they believe.

Judge for yourself lest the Republic lead you astray. Something tells us stories like this will not go away as long as a Mormon is running for the Presidency.




  1. kralmajales says

    This type of stuff is the primary reason that we have an establishment clause and a free exercise clause in the Constitution. Thank god for that.

  2. Curious Guy says

    er..Shouldn’t “God” be capitalized, Teech Kral?

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