Republic spews more racist hate.

Once again the state’s newspaper of record is covering the latest shooting of a Phoenix Police officer in a highly inflammatory and sensational way. The coverage is so outlandish it begins with the following words “An illegal immigrant …” Don’t they know the person is just here to work and support our economy by wiring a large part of his earnings out of the country?

According to mysterious sources, the Nearly Famous Barry Young Show may be reporting on Tuesday morning that Elias Bermudez of Inmigrantes Sin Fronteras is asking why a white police officer was pulling over a person of Hispanic decent for something as minor as a “rolling stop” when there are more serious crimes to work on. Speculation is rampant about when Mayor Phil Gordon and Police Chief Jack Harris will announce Operational Order stating police officers will not stop or accost drivers for minor traffic violations involving migrants who may have re-entered the country multiple times and are carrying a deadly weapon.


  1. I am truly at a loss for how to start with my feelings on this subject. The facetious comments aside, it is the reality that there is an existing foundation for such possible thought that has me very befuddled! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if every lawmaker, judge, and politician had to wear a bullet proof vest to work AND actually be at risk of being fired on, then throw in the blatant disregard for our laws and sovereignty …do you think we would be having this discussion this way? Ask Phil to ride a beat car in a neighborhood known to be full of illegals and be the first person on the scene for a traffic stop or jay-walker. When was the last time Chief Harris actually was on the streets and exposed to the daily risks of today’s environment?

    All the polished words and heartfelt sympathy mean nothing to a child who has no father. Will Phil or Jack be the ones to tuck them in, will they be his baseball coach, will they walk that girl down the aisle, and can they fill the void of a loving spouse? Of course not, but they will tell us now how concerned they are for the safety and well-being of all. Put on the vest, ride in the car, make the stop….. or just go to Officer Erfle’s home and live the life she is. Walk in the steps you expect others to walk in, realize the repercussions of the inaction, and know first hand what it is you have conceived. Then offer your wisdom.

    I hope my husband and brother never run into one of these bad guys on the streets, I hope they wear their vest no matter what, I hope the Chief and Mayor will come to their senses and realize to ignore the issue does not make it non-existent but allows a fertile field for growth. Then I hope we as a people will decide enough is enough and settle this once and for all.

  2. kralmajales says

    But then why does it matter that it was an illegal alien that shot this man? The point is that someone shot him and that he is dead. The larger point is that cop-killers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    What bothers me about this is that it is being used to say that all illegals are violent criminals and that our men in uniform are in danger because of illegals. It glosses over the fact that 99% of cop killers are American citizens and that this has nothing to do with illegal immigration at large. It also glosses over the fact that our men in uniform need better protection period…because their jobs are dangerous…period.

    Nothing will bring back this brave man. We will prosecute the man who killed him. He will probably get the death penalty. The children will be without their father. A wife will be without her greatest love.

    Unfortunately, the other consequence will be a continued war on illegals while crime continues to be committed primarily by American citizens and little will be done about the real problems in society.

  3. It matters because it happened at all. It wasn’t just an ordinary citizen. Our population has been infiltrated by a segment that is in direct violation of the laws of our land and have shown themselves to be both indifferent or absolutely contrary to our right to rule.

    I appreciate your words and do not doubt that they are truly sincere. The officers do need better protection but that must include efforts to remove any organized, even if loosely, effort to circumvent their position and offer increased danger. If in a short period of time two officers had been the victim of shootings by members of a specific gang or sect, and this particular group was known to be in direct violation of many other laws and continued to exert their influence in ways that were both destructive and costly, and then it was known that this group was not even in the country legally…would we tolerate it?

    I am not a send them all back and lock the gates person. I actually believe in a work visa program. But, ignoring the existence of evil in any situation or group of people is more than foolish and an invitation for more of the same.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    I agree with Ann. Most of the countries from which the illegals merge are corrupt and lawless. Instead of working to change their culture, they run away from home and bring their illegal habits with them. I spent 72 ‘kid’ years (4 x 18) teaching my children their responsibility for themselves and to the people around them. These people form enclaves and refuse to learn a damn thing about OUR culture, language and mores and expect everything to be handed to them to boot. What kind of responsibility is that? If it wasn’t hopeless and they were the least interested in integrating, there might be a chance, but it is clear that they expect to be coddled and cared for and, like the children they are, make insistent, pewling complaints about the way they are treated. Worse yet, the children want to run the show.

    Well, there is a lot to like about children, but they are best when they are not yours to take care of.

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