Representative Schweikert Statement on Obama’s Afghanistan Speech

CONTACT:  Rachel Semmel

Washington, D.C. – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) released the following statement after President Obama’s speech calling for the withdrawal of more troops from Afghanistan:

“I am an unabashed supporter of our troops and our military leaders who fight for freedom every day. I support our military leaders and generals on the ground and defer to their expertise regarding our troop levels.

“While the time to withdrawal our troops might be fast approaching, it is not wise for us to hand our enemy our battle plans years in advance. Our gains in Afghanistan have not come without a price. While we remember our troops in harm’s way tonight, I remain adamant that whatever strategy is implemented for stabilization and withdrawal, it must not put any of our men and women in uniform even further at risk.”





  1. Oberserve says

    I appreciate Schweikert’s concern.

    That said, he’s a representative from ARIZONA, not from the federal government.

    Where’s his concern about the BORDER. Where’s his concern about protecting ARIZONA.

    I don’t give a #$%^ about Taliban in Afghanistan, I care about the Taliban WHO CROSS OUR BORDER EACH NIGHT INTO ARIZONA.

    The Arizona national guard is protecting Afghanistan’s border. How about pull them out of Afghanistan and PUT THEM ON THE ARIZONA BORDER?!?!?!?

    David Schweikert, that’s what a representative FROM Arizona would do.

    You lost touch with your consituents and you haven’t even been in the cesspool (DC) for 6 months.

    • “That said, he’s a representative from ARIZONA, not from the federal government”. Exactly, he is a representative from Arizona, TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. His job is to weigh in on what the Federal Government does. That in a large part includes our foreign policy. Having a head in the sand view of isolationism is not a foreign policy, and it will not help to keep our nation strong. Wanumba, in posts below has a realistic opinion of the importance of Afghanistan in international relations. It is ironic that such a backward nation can be such a lynch pin, but it is.
      Conflating issues does not help in finding solutions, the immigration problem in America is not linked directly to the activities of our military. And by the way, Representative Schweikert is on the “conservative” side on border issues.

  2. With US troops in Iraq and US troops in Afghanistan, we BOX IRAN IN.
    IRAN is THE ROOT SOURCE of Islamic Radical Terrorism. Our ally India is so concerned, the Prime Minister came to Washington to urge we not pull out.

    If we are NOT in Afghanistan, which is also the keystone to the entire region, who controls Afghanistan controls access to many neighboring countries, THEN some OTHER country will seize it, and it will NOt be in our national security benefit.

    We do not have to pull troops out of Afghanistan to put them on the border, we can do BOTH without robbing Peter to pay Paul. We don’t have to give money to SEIU so they can buy new purple busses and bullhorns to harrass citizens, bail out the union pensions at GM, give money to massage parlors, subsidize Brazil’s off shore oil drilling, ad nauseum — we could be using those BILLIONS to fund National Guard units HERE.

    • Oberserve says

      I don’t know who the heck “we” are in your post above. If you are saying that YOU want to spend not just my money, but my children’s money AND my GRANDCHILDRENS money on advancing your personal foreign policy agenda, meanwhile leaving our southern border open, I’ve got a little problem with that.

      It makes you a maniac. And a socialist.

  3. Why don’t you go review US military history starting with the XYZ Affair, the Quasi War, the Tripolian War (Barbary War I) the War of 1812, the Algerine War (Barbary War II) and all the wars foisted on the US by other nations to the present before you lazily pontificate it’s somehow “my personal policy agenda.”

    If you have not condemned the socialistic redirection and redistribution of taxpayer money to Leftist political agendas instead of the Constitutional application of it to our national defense both foreign and domestic, as I have just done, and have been saying for a long time, then what does that make you?

    Our military is NOT the problem. The CIvilian leadership jerking them around in the White House is. Obama wants a “national civilian defense coprs.” For what? He doesn’t want to fight abroad, he doesn’t want to secure our borders.

  4. Oberserve, you can jump on the bandwagon with the Obama liberals and cheer for Afghan pull out and save the $s for America. But the no-nothings and isolationists have screwed the US many times by taking our focus off of national security with the sweet sounds of peace and staying close to home. We (Americans) have a vital interest in the outcome of the balance of power in that region! To ignore that is to ignore history. It is amazing to me that Bush’s policies have spurred democratic revolution in many middle east countries with authoritarian regimes, and Obama has even taken up the “cowboy” agenda by invading a soveriegn nation and killing our enemy, but Bush gets no credit for being right.

    • Oberserve says

      The Soviet Union had a vital interest in the outcome of the balance of power in that region too.

      Your suggestion is we follow the Soviet Unions path. And you call yourself a conservative.

      Nice try calling me liberal. The expedition in Afghanistan is 100% financed by China and monetization of the debt. The joint chiefs of staff cited the NATIONAL DEBT as the #1 current threat to national security and yet you want to continue to pursue 100% debt financed expeditions, meaning you want to INCREASE the #1 current threat to national security.

      Conservatives want to CONSERVE and PRESERVE the integrity of the nation. Liberals attack the integity of the nation. You are doing the latter. I am doing the former.

      You are the liberal.

  5. Yiu need to review this exact debate between the two camps, represented by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in the late 1790s.
    Adams’ and those who promoted a close-in defensive posture implemented that strategy which resulted in Americans being killed on our shores, American shipping hijacked and siezed, Americans captured and sold as slaves inthe North African ports of Algers, Tripoli, Tunis. British stopped US ships and took off naturalized Americans and hanged them, the French helped themselves to our merchant ships on the high seas. The Ottoman Empire despots called our ships, “Fat ducks” and TOOK them wherever they found them.

    Jefferson initially supported a non-international miiltary structure but then abandoned that failed policy when he saw the harm other nations were dispensing to Americans and American interests, and the aggressive nature of other nations to snatch whatever they could when they perceived the USA did not have any means to stop them.

    The United States already TRIED that approach, and we PAID for it in BLOOD and in great losses. The Left removed from our schools and textbooks this vital period of our national history and the basis for our long-running military successes so that the public has no background to object to their intent to totally degrade our national security, to rework into a KNOWN FAILED MODEL.

    I heard so nuch talk about , “Americans are tired of war.”
    LIke HOW? We’ve been fighting one war in TWO theatres and not a SOUL in the USA has seen a gas rationing coupon, a meat rationing coupon, a restriction on aluminium, ANY reduction in personal comfort, any reduction in personal consumption patterns or availability of consumer goods, any genuine constraints on traveling anywhere in the world. Most Americans are absorbed with watching assinine reality TV shows on vapid no-talent celebrities they can’t be BOTHERED find Afghanistan or Iraq on a MAP. WHAT “anguish” and “sacrifice” are they talking about?

    Our debt went through the roof AFTER the major military actions were compelted, and not a penny of that new crushing debt incurred by Democrats went to defense, it went to buying up GM, bailing out European banks, paddign goevrnment civil service payrlols, NOT military payrolls.

    The military represents hardly 2% of our population. MOST Americans haven’t a CLUE about their responsibilities, their lives, and haven’t bothered to inform themselves, so to watch them suddenly pull the sack cloth and ashes on and light the candles to “bring our boys home” is PATHETIC cheap opera.

    WHY should the military be drained of funds that the Democrats just give to the greedy unions? The unions have no Constitutional duties, but our military DOES. The military should be the LAST cut. China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela have publcially stated they consider the USA their enemy and have full plans detailing how’d they attack the USA the moment they think they can get away with it.
    What deadly foolishness is it to advertize to them they were don’t have the will to aggressively defend our people, our interests?

    • Oberserve says

      You’re correct – the Soviet foreign policy should be adopted by the US.


      • Put your eyeballs back in their sockets and go get educated as to the DIFFERENCE between the Soviet Empire form of governemnt and the American democratic structure.

        The Soviets paractice as policy conquering their neighbros. The Soviet “Union” was one nation that had conquered it’s neighbors and was holding them hostage and subservient to Moscow. The purpose was to expand Soviet borders, and extract wealth from those once independent nations for the use of the central goevrnment in Moscow. Who buys into the phony Soviet propaganda that it’s conquered, abused “states” were equivalent in any measure to the 50 states which make up the United States?

        I’m glad you bring this up, because it shows everyone what you really are.

  6. Oberserve, get this thru your thick skull. Freedom is guaranteed by brute force – American guns! Pansy liberal apologists like you that back the Obama strategies of running from the fight are doomed to put us in a strategically weak position. I dont care what the Russians did, I dont care what any other country does. I just want the US to have a strong position to protect our interests which includes a strong forward power projection wherever it is needed to counter our enemies.
    We can call all our forces home, sit on the border and watch the Chinese build their projection capacity to the hilt, and when they roll those tanks off the new docks in Guaymas, we will be in huge trouble.

    • Oberserve says

      Libya and Yemen never threatened my freedom.

      The US government does daily. So do people like you who soil the constitution with your emotionally driven political agenda and with your hand in my pocket, my children’s pocket and now my GRANDCHILDREN’s pocket to pay for your anti-constitutional personal feelings.

      YOU are a greater threat to freedom in the US than the Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians, etc.

      Or are you going to cite the Domino Theory to me now? For Pete’s sake.

      • Yeah Libya did.
        It was the reason the United States NAVY was established in the first place. It was the reason Jefferson created the entire US military structure to project our forces.
        First Barbary War: The Tripolian War.

        How many Americans have been MURDERED at the direct orders of Ghaddafi? 400? How many of America’s allies’ citizens have been killed by Ghaddafi? Thousands? Are you even aware that Ghaddafi has been trying to take over North Africa for decades, causing war , suffering and strife for millions of AFricans? Chad ring a bell? No? THEN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

        How NICE that YOU have been SAFE and SOUND inside the USA! What about the REST of us who haven’t been so LUCKY? I knew the US Ambassador’s wife who as blown up in the French airliner UT, blasted out of the sky over Chad, she on her way home for her daughter’s graduation, one of more than 100 innocent people minding their own business. She actually told me that she’d been so afraid for her husband’s security who’d been inside the Beruit Embassy when it was blown up. Her fears were misplaced. SHE was killed.
        I myself was five minutes from being blown up at the Norfolk Hotel in Kenya by terrorists who skipped to terrorist-sheltering Libya. Over 30 people were murdered that night, died in the inferno, scores more injured. SO much for happy New Years.

        How selfish you’ve ONLY calculated YOUR immediate comfort zone, and care NOTHING for what’s necessary to keep millions of other people safe.

    • Oberserve says

      Fred, You don’t care that you advocate Soviet foreign policy?

      And you call me a liberal? Good Lord.

      • You are parroting official Soviet propaganda by arguing there is no difference between Soviet foreign policy and American foreign policy.
        PRAVDA would be astonished. They KNEW what they wrote was Soviet disinformation, but hey, it was a paycheck.

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