Report says Village Voice/New Times “Gaming” Web Traffic

Looks like the Phoenix New Times is going to be losing some of its sleazoid advertisers…

A recent report says that Phoenix-based Village Voice Media, one of the largest alternative weekly newspaper publishers in the nation, has been “gaming” a social media network to boost the number of hits on its various websites.

The report from a Minnesota blog called took a closer look at reports that CityPages, the local alternative weekly there, saw a startling 700 percent increase in web traffic in about two months. The increase in traffic meant the newspaper was bringing in lots more cash from web advertisers.

Take the chart above for instance. It looks at the website of the Phoenix New Times, the flagship of what used to be the New Times alt weekly chain before its owner purchased Village Voice Media. The top line in red shows fairly steady traffic for over the past year, while the bottom line in blue shows a huge, 937 percent increase in the number of readers of the Phoenix New Times blogs over the past year.


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