Rep. Schweikert to Host ‘Help for Homeowners Event’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2011
CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Congressman David Schweikert will host an event next month to assist homeowners with foreclosure and home ownership issues and concerns. This event is in partnership with the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force.

Constituents in Arizona’s 5th District are invited to come and speak to Rep. Schweikert, discuss loan modifications issues, and find other reliable home ownership resources. Lenders such as Wells Fargo, Chase, GMAC, Bank of America, and PNC will also be present to address constituent concerns. Counseling will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A copy of the event invitation is attached.

When: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Time: 8:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Where: Granite Reef Senior Center
1700 N. Granite Reed Road, Scottsdale, 85257 (map)



  1. So, when Kyl and the SuperCongress propose elimination of the homeowner interest tax deduction, is Schweikert going to support homeowners then and vote it down?

    That’s the defining issue re Schweikert and “helping homeowners”.

    David? Can you answer?

  2. OK Rep Schweikert, here’s where the rubber meets the road.

    It’s the whole “broaden the base” mantra. What that means is remove loopholes for the middle class while leaving their taxes unchanged thereby INCREASING their taxes. In other words, getting rid of the interest deduction on homes.

    Rep Schweikert are you going to be able to stand up to Boehner when he tells you to vote for the “bi-partisan” (read: JON KYL) proposal to eliminate the deduction for homeowners?

    I’ll make a prediction. No you wont. You’ll fold. So much for helping homeowners.


    U.S. House Speaker John Boehner Urges Super Committee to Take Up Tax Reform – Thursday

    On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) encouraged the Super Committee charged with reducing the deficit by $1.5 trillion over ten years to include some form of a tax reform package in its proposal. Boehner recommended that the Super Committee include closing loopholes and lowering tax rates for individuals and corporations. In a statement, Boehner said, “It’s probably not realistic to think the Joint Committee could rewrite the tax code by November 23. But it can certainly lay the groundwork by then for tax reform in the future that will enhance the environment for economic growth.” Boehner has also urged the Super Committee to reform Social Security and Medicare, although he was less specific as to how it should be done. “Making short-term fixes in exchange for long-term flawed policy is not tax reform…modest changes in spending programs today can have large effects tomorrow,” he said.

  3. The REAL question we need to ask is, what is David’s underlying motive?

  4. AnObservation says

    What Ms. Kuby and that website fail to mention is that the Congressman’s district office helps with loan re modifications and has helped many people stay in their homes. I guess if Schweikert is a predatory real-estate investor he better tell his district staff to knock it off right? But facts are often inconvenient things for Ms. Kuby.

    But then again Ms. Kuby usually fails to mention a lot of things in her internet ramblings. Like, for example, how Schweikert’s district staff helped Ms. Kuby and one of her fellow protesters look for her lost car key for about a half hour after the town hall in Fountain Hill. I remember leaving the event with my wife and seeing two members of Schweikert’s staff actually digging through a garbage can looking for those keys. Or another example is how the reason why Ms. Kuby and her group got to ask so many questions at the last town hall was because Schweikert was handing the mike to them and not to his supporters whom he knew would ask easy questions.

    Ms. Kuby can try spin this event all she wants and imply this is some evil conspiracy by Schweikert to push more people out of their, but the facts don’t line up with her rhetoric about Schweikert. I also anticipate that her and her ilk will try and disrupt this event.

  5. “AnObservation” – Do you see that I am transparent and put myself out there using my real name? What about you? Why are you hiding behind your mama’s skirt? I love it!

    Schweikert’s foreclosure dealings need to be investigated no doubt, and his claim that his purchase of 300+ homes has stabilized neighborhoods is ludicrous. I am sorry that the press did not do their job in 2008 and look into his business operations.

    The reason that critical questions dominated the “listening” session was not because Schweikert avoided his supporters’ softball questions. The crowd was dominated by constituents who were concerned about Schweikert’s allegiance to Grover Norquist.

    And you are factually incorrect: I did not ask a question at the event. He avoided looking my way. Maybe he knew this question was coming: In a recent TV interview, you mentioned you would not support Federal disaster relief for the Hurricane victims, unless there was a further cut in government programs. What would happen if your constituents experienced a natural disaster. Would you turn your backs on us as well?

    It WAS really nice of the staff to help look for the keys for my friend (that was me looking in all the waste bins too). But that is what they should be doing, helping a constituent who had her keys taken (they were later returned).

    Lastly, what’s up with your last paragraph? Get thee to a copy editor!

  6. Whether David Schweikert is a foreclosure predator or not is completely unrelated to the fact that his staff is facilitating meetings between homeowners and lenders.

  7. [AnObs], Having been at the town hall event in Fountain Hills myself, I would say he handed the mike to people that had tough questions mainly because that’s mostly who attended. Not all liberals walk around in tie-dye and he had a hard time finding sympathetic voices.

    Schweikert’s self deprecating manner is used to disarm people and make him more likable since facts don’t help him. What doesn’t is his tendency to show altered slides and claim they are direct from the source. He was called on it during the meeting when he said a slide with an obvious change had been a direct quote. The change was a single word that altered the whole meaning. The actual word was “some” and the word used (and stated was unaltered) was “many”. He advanced the slide almost immediately after getting called out. At the Tempe town hall (at a small police substation) he showed an altered graph by the CBO. The portion shown was from the CBO. The portion of the same graph that was left out showed a counterpoint to his argument. These are two examples of lying. If he didn’t know they were altered then he is merely incompetent. Since he stated positively that the word change hadn’t occurred it rules out incompetence on at least one of the cases and since no one called him on the graph (he didn’t call on me in either setting) he may have just been lazy.

    I wish Lauren had been able to ask her question. I want to hear why he would turn his back on his constituents in a disaster OR why he thinks we are better than hurricane victims.

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