Rep. Schweikert Statement on the Budget Control Act

CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Washington, D.C. – Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), a member of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after he voted in support of S.627, The Budget Control Act of 2011:

“I had previously been concerned that the original plan did not go far enough to address the unease of the markets and rating agencies in regards to the projection of our exploding debt.

“I am now pleased to support this legislation after Speaker Boehner took a bold step to ensure a Balanced Budget Amendment must pass the House and be sent to the states before President Obama receives any additional debt ceiling increase.

“When I came to Washington, I made a promise to the people of Arizona’s 5th District that something serious and genuine needed to be done to save our country from an avalanche of debt. This bill is another key step House Republicans have taken in that process.

“I encourage the Senate Majority and the President to not only start participating in solving our debt crisis, but to quickly pass this bill and save our economic future.

“Now is the time for scare tactics, half-measures, and phantom cuts to end.”



  1. LarryMcGoo says

    Good job Mr. Schweikert. You make up proud. Keep fighting spending

  2. azcowpoke says

    Another one who talks big but chokes in the end.

  3. Tiddliwinks says

    Cowpoke–I support cut cap balance more than anyone. But think how this freshman cavalry has changed Washington.
    No more earmarks.
    Open legislative process.
    From no cuts and more spending to real cuts in millions, to billions to trillions.

    Yellow Sheet reports out conservative Arizona congressmen were the only reason we have a balanced budget amendment on the board to say to the president — this is the problem. Here’s your opportunity to fix it. Sign here

  4. waynehyatt says

    Thank you for all you are doing. It must be a frustrating job trying to get things accomplished in Washington D.C.

    There is a saying in negotiations “the one with the biggest need loses.” Unfortunately, you are trying to negotiate with a president who has no need to balance the budget or reduce spending. He is overwhelming the financial system with debt to further his radical agenda of socialism, so he is getting exactly what he wants.

    I wish we had 534 more like you to fight this battle. We are working hard to send reinforcements in 2012. Keep the faith and continue to stand strong.

  5. LEO IN TSN says

    Sadly, our AZ congressmen sheep allowed rustler Boehner to muscle them into his big city corral, after only a few anemic whimpers. Boehner had announced early on that he would increase the debt limit, and by golly he appears to have done so, with the help of our frightened AZ congressmen.

    Here is what our AZ congressmen supported and agreed to:

    INCREASED DEFICIT: This country, AZ included, is drowning in debt. So our AZ congressmen just voted to reduce the debt by increasing the debt. That’s right, a higher debt limit for more debt spending for higher debt to pass on to our children and grand-children, and they’re telling us that’s the best they could do.

    INCREASED SPENDING: More credit for more government = more regulators and regulation to strangle the American people and economy.

    INCREASED CONTROL OVER AMERICA BY OUR ENEMIES: Who buys our notes?? China, a country whose government has declared their goal of destroying America.

    A BI-PARTISAN COMMITTEE OF TWELVE: What a joke—a new “bi-partisan” committee to recommend spending cuts that may take effect sometime, or maybe not. A sorrowful excuse for our congressman to avoid doing their jobs of writing budget bills that reduce government and government spending.

    VOTES FOR A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT: Maybe, maybe not, nothing to keep taxes from going up and government from spending more and regulating and controlling more.

    “The best we could do”? Nope, looks like an unconditional, unilateral surrender to me.

    God bless America.

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