Rep. Schweikert Statement on Reid Plan: ‘This Borders on Embarrassing’

CONTACT: Rachel Semmell

Washington, D.C. – Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), a member of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after he voted against the irresponsible Reid plan:

“While our economy is on the brink of a debt disaster, it is unconscionable that President Obama and the Senate Majority still refuse any plan that will not give the president a blank check.

“The House of Representatives did the heavy lifting and passed a bipartisan plan, yet President Obama’s calls for ‘compromise’ seem to ignore this reality.

“The Reid plan borders on embarrassing. It is full of smoke and mirrors instead of common sense and math. It will have a disastrous impact on our military, does not cut close to the amount it hikes, and advertises $1 trillion in phantom cuts.

“Senator Reid continues to play games and disregard the will of the People’s House. It is clear that President Obama and the Senate Majority just don’t get it.”



  1. Missy Janie says

    Our fellow republicans don’t use hard facts that cannot be refuted when speaking publicly. The Dems continue to rail about the rich and social justice. I believe it would be helpful if at every turn the Repubs would explain the top 1% pays 40%, and the top 10% pay 80% of the bills. No wonder we’re going broke. How is it that 47% of America has no skin in the game. We have been played the fool long enough. A fair or flat tax is what they should be pushing, the budget would benefit greatly.

  2. FactFinder says

    GO to Schweikert.House.Gov and you’ll find all the data you ever wanted to refute, explore, or explain.

    Click the ByTheNunbers button

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