Rep Schweikert Statement on Osama Bin Laden

CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Washington, D.C. – Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) issued the following statement today regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden:

“God bless our brave men and women in uniform who have sacrificed so much to catch Osama bin Laden. Thanks to the persistence and bravery of our intelligence community and our troops on the ground, this is truly a great moment for our country. Though we cannot bring back the lives of those we lost, we can have peace that justice has been served. We will never forgot those who lost their lives on attacks on our country and those who died defending it.”




  1. Aaaaaand no class on Schweikert’s “either. Well, I guess it is pretty embarassing to be a Republican today if we look back at the 2008 Presidential debates:

    “And if we have Osama bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think that we have to act, and we will take them out. We will kill bin Laden.” – Barack Obama,

    October 7, 2008
    John King, CNN: If you were president and knew that bin Laden was in Pakistan, you know where, would you have U.S. forces go in after him?

    John McCain: I’m not going to go there and here’s why, because Pakistan is a sovereign nation. I think the Pakistanis would want bin Laden out of their hair and out of their country and it’s causing great difficulties in Pakistan itself.

    July 28, 2008

    President Obama: Doing the job Republicans won’t do.

  2. Man, even Allen West had the class to thank Obama:

    Congressman West Statement on the U.S. Capture and Killing of Osama bin Laden

    (WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (FL-22) released the following statement tonight:

    “Congratulations to President Obama and his National Security Team for the capture and killing of the world’s most dangerous and evil criminal mastermind, Osama bin Laden.

    Our appreciation and gratitude goes out to General Petreaus and the brave men and women in theater. Our Special Operations team executed a flawless, cross border operation, proving once again, our American Armed Forces are the most skilled, organized and highly trained forces in the world.

    Although this is a time of exuberance, rejoicing and healing, America, as well as our allies, must be vigilant and on guard for retaliatory attacks from the extreme Islamic world. What strongly concerns me is that bin Laden was not found hiding in a remote cave, but in an urban area of Pakistan where the Pakistan Army’s premier training institution operates. This is a war that is no where close to being over.”


    That’s just embrassing for some of our Arizona delegation, eh?

  3. Klute, leave Shwiekert alone, he has enough trouble right now trying to explain his excuses on the debt limit vote that is coming up soon.

  4. I mean this stuff is pathetic. At least thank the president and dont mention him by name like Romney. This stuff shows so little class

  5. Gerald Scribner says

    President and Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama made a series of very bold and very difficult decisions over the past six months. He made the right decisions. Osama bin Laden has finally been brought to justice, nearly ten years after the 9-11 attack, with an absolute minimum of collateral damage. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani, and even Donald Trump managed to congratulate President Obama today. Mission accomplished, indeed. A huge day for America and a great accomplishment for our President.

    But then we read the statements of David Schweikert and Ben Quayle, posted here, or Paul Gosar on his website. The words “President Obama” are glaringly absent from all three statements. As they are missing from the public statements of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Mitt Romney.

    Classless? That’s way too kind a word. Clueless, pathetic, and disgraceful seem more appropriate terms to me.

    Thank God for our democracy and for the opportunity to vote these fools out of office next year. Thank God for our President and for every one of our men and women in uniform.

    Final score: Obama 1, Osama 0, conservative Republicans 00000000000000.

  6. wanumba says

    Guess it’s because the latest reports are Obama sat on the intel for months.
    There’s no body to examine, just a lot of mumble about “cultural traditions” which is weird because by the very SAME cultural traditions, vanquished enemies are dragged thru the street and hung up at the ciity gates so everyone can verify exactly who got vanquished.
    How professional is it to make such an announcement from the teleprompter without ALL the facts in hand FIRST?

    • “Guess it’s because the latest reports are Obama sat on the intel for months.”

      Well, it’s better to verify the intel than it is to start a war on faulty intelligence. You know, like Obama’s predecessor.

      “There’s no body to examine…”

      And worst of all, Obama’s having a fine meal at taxpayer expense, and you’re stuck at home eating cold beans. Out of a can. With a knife. In the dark.

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