Rep. Gosar on Fox & Friends discussing ‘Fast & Furious’

Congressman Paul Gosar appeared on Fox News on Tuesday discussing the hearings be held over Operation Gun Runner by the ATF. Here is the video clip of Representative Gosar’s interview.


  1. SO glad this is getting the national exposure it requires. The media is not letting the public know what the federal agencies under this current WHite House Administration have been doing. The media enables the cover-up by deliberately feed the public trivialities to avoid reporting on substantive issues.

    One quibble with Goser’s very restrained and legally circumspect replies, it’s understandbale he doesn’t want to say anything at this point that will jeopardize the investigation, but SIR! “WE” had nothing to do with it. The United States as a nation was not “IN” on this tight little conspiracy.

    How sleazy is it for the Phoenix ATF office to be part of providing and facilitating illegal arms sales to cartels in Mexico, knowing their supposedly “brother” law enforcement officers, like just down the street Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, officers who they even deal face to face with on occasion, are being set up to be at the receiving end of these very same weapons?

    A two-fer for the Justice Department! On the other hand, maybe the reason SB 1070 has been so important for the Justice Department to shut down is that it was a danger that could expose too soon to the Fast and Furious Gunrunner Fraud.

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