Rep Flake Applauds House Passage of Free Trade Agreements

CONTACT: Genevieve Frye Rozansky

Agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Will Help Create Thousands of Jobs and Strengthen Economy

Washington, D.C. – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today applauded the passage of the United States Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Acts with the countries of Colombia, Panama, and South Korea (H.R. 3078, 3079, and 3080, respectively).

These agreements will allow the private sector to create thousands of jobs and will strengthen our economy in the long-term,” said Flake. “The only solid path toward long-term, sustainable development in the global market is through free trade.

Congressman Flake delivered a speech on the House Floor today in support of the free trade agreements. Video of the speech can be found here.



  1. Ryan Lovato says

    Thank you Congressman Flake for your free market approach to trade!

  2. I’m not sure what’s to applaud here.

    How many Korean cars are on in the road in America? How many American cars are on the road in Korea? The disparity is insane.

    Anyone else remember the waves of prosperity that flowed over America when NAFTA was signed into law? Yeah, neither do I. 132 Republicans in the House ratified NAFTA along with 102 Democrats and apparently no one learned their lesson.

    Expect to see the few textile jobs that were left in America go to Colombia and Panama. Expect to see a lot more Kia’s and Hyundais on the road.

    • The “insane disparity” between the number of US cars sold in Korea and the number of Korean cars sold in the US is caused almost entirely by the disparity between high Korean tariffs on imported cars and low US tariffs of imported cars. US car companies should reap a bigger benefit from this deal than Korean ones.

      Also a lot of the Hyundais on the road are assembled in the USA from a mix of Korean, US, and other origin parts, and many of the lower end Chevys are made in Korea. A large amount of Hyundai’s design engineering is done in the USA. Its not always straight forward anymore as to what is an “American” car or a “Korean” car.

      • “US car companies should reap a bigger benefit from this deal than Korean ones.”

        I believe that same argument was used during NAFTA, just replace “American cars” with “factories” and “Korean cars” with “maquiladoras”. American business got the extremely short end of the deal. One could trace our problems currently directly to NAFTA. Maytag moving to Mexico is a perfect example of what happened.

        “Its not always straight forward anymore as to what is an ‘American’ car or a ‘Korean’ car.”

        Understood, but it used to 100% in America. The shifting baseline that “Hey we got 40% of the deal” shouldn’t be acceptable.

  3. Jeff Flake is challenging John McCain for the title of Democrat’s Favorite Republican.

    Strange we haven’t heard Flake applaud Arizona’s effort to build a border fence with or without the Feds. help or cooperation…or is it? Defending U.S. against invasion is not a compatible goal for globalists like Flake.

  4. Dear Rep. Flake,

    Since you’re so active in your support of “free trade”, why are you so silent in the recall election of State Senate President Russell Pearce? This seems to be just one more reason added to a long list of why not to support you in your primary campaign for US Senate.

  5. wouldnt trust pearce to babysit my kids says

    Flake is for free markets and prosperity. Pearce is for a police state. Go Jeff.

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