Rep. Ben Quayle Questions Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Congressman Ben Quayle questioned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano earlier today on immigration enforcement metrics, prosecutorial discretion and the 287(g) Task Force agreement.

The exchange between Rep. Quayle and Sec. Napolitano can be viewed by clicking below.

One topic of Rep. Quayle’s questions was the Obama Administration’s use of prosecutorial discretion to avoid enforcement of the law. Rep. Quayle asked how Congress needed to write laws to ensure that they actually get enforced by federal agencies. Stopping the misuse of prosecutorial discretion, and the Obama Administration’s attempts to sidestep Congress has been a priority of Rep. Quayle’s. His Washington Times Op-Ed on these issues can be viewed here.




  1. I can appreciate Quayle’s approach to the uni-breasted bull dyke of ‘how can we write the laws so you are required to enforce them.’ Napolitano countered with ‘budgetary priorities.’ This is where Quayle went junior high debate team with ‘well gee, what good are laws if you won’t enforce them.’ He should have cornered sexless Sis by asking her for an estimate of additional funding to enforce the immigration laws across the board without selectivity – thus challenging her double-talking smokescreen directly. Then he should have thrown down the gauntlet by informing her that the entire country knows Obama’s non-enforcement policies are 100% political to secure votes for his re-election. Playing decorum footsie with these administrative thugs/criminals doesn’t feed the bulldog. It appeared to me that Quayle lacks genuine fire and was simply going through the motions for the sake of a press release. Is this how you “knock the hell out of Washington?”

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