Remember Me

Please watch this video. 

In all the rhetoric about immigration, let’s not forget about our brothers and sisters abroad.

They are fighting a people who are driven by a religious extremism that seeks to kill anyone who does not believe like they do.

I’d like to see the ACLU, People for the American Way and the “Reverend” Barry Lynn call Christians extremists after they meet these people.

Whether we like it or not, we and our children’s children ARE in a worldwide religious war.


  1. This is a great video.

    In the spirit of a new americanism, I do have to say what a refreshing this it is in this country to see troop haters marginilized. Even as Democrats vote against the war, they praise the troops- which for the rest of you who remember Vietnam, is very different.

    Sometimes it seems like we’ve become more uncivil, but if you really remember the past, if anything we’ve jumped miles ahead of our past in some things.

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