Rematch in Tempe

Tune in to Horizon tonight at 7:00 pm for a re-match between Arizona House of Representatives Director of Communications Barrett Marson and Arizona Democratic Party Director of Communications Emily Bittner.

It will be interesting to see if a public figure like Bittner has discover the downside to falsely casting aspersions on others for what they do in their lives outside of their official duties. Bittner loves to go on the attack but a few blog stories last weekend about public records on file with Maricopa County sent her lawyer into a public relations nightmare. The dust kicked up from the whole mess just put the story in the Republic on Sunday and the Yellow Sheet on Monday. We are all better when public figure stick to solutions for Arizona’s challenges.

As Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party Maria Weeg was quoted in the Republic on Sunday let’s not “bring this kind of personal stuff into the public sphere.” Good advice to anyone.


  1. FreeAdvice says

    There is a public purpose to the County Recorder and the filing of liens that are listed there, isn’t there? It’s not private information, it’s specifically public. Sort of like a criminal record, a bankruptcy, registering to vote, enrolling in a university…it’s all there. What about campaign finance records, lobbyist disclosures, corporate officer filings, financial statements candidates file about themselves: are the D’s opposed to having all that in the public sphere, too?

    How about this line from her, which falsely states the contribution was illegal, right there on AZCentral: “It is a shame that it took an FEC complaint to force John Shadegg to return the illegal campaign donations,” said Emily Bittner, Arizona Democratic Party spokeswoman.

    Too bad her neighbors had to file a lien against her for not paying her bill.

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