Reducing Medicaid Fraud Georgia Style

 They keep saying it’s not for law abiding citizens, but here you go…

Georgia State Bill Requires Biometric ID

The Georgia State Senate has approved a bill that would require senior citizens in the state to acquire a biometric ID card to access Medicaid for health care, according to a WSBTV article.

The new bill, which passed on a 34-21 margin, stipulates the use of fingerprint biometrics for each of the ID cards.

The new measure was introduced as a way to curb Medicaid fraud in the state.

Medicaid recipient’s would be issued a smart card that would store the individual’s fingerprint data. When the patient arrives for an appointment the smart card and fingerprint would be scanned to verify identity. The card would also include the recipient’s photo.

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In Arizona, I know “conservatives” are trying to do that to “stop illegals.” 

Meanwhile the border is left open and “conservative” Jan Brewer is withdrawing the national guard from the border.  Also, “conservatives” in legislature want to require ID checks for all citizens and run them against the US Department of Homeland Security.

I hate to remind you that that’s PRECISELY what the Clintons wanted to impose on US citizens in the early nineties, specifically defeated by the conservatives elected to Congress in 1994.

And now “conservatives” in Arizona want to impose all of this on law abiding Arizona citizens here and now – yet meanwhile do nothing at the border.


The IDs are for *US*, not for illegals and don’t let these RINO legislators bamboozle you into believing otherwise.  Check their campaign donations to see if they are getting money from, for example and among others,

L1 Systems,  RedFlex, or ATS, or  the Arizona Corporation Commission whom these companies donate through to politicians to mask their donations

Teaparty, y’all!


  1. Pima Cotton says


    Mr. Conservative himself, JD HAYWORTH, was a CO-SPONSOR of the 2005 REAL ID ACT. That’s the same bill we Mad Arizonans (Republican & Democrat) fought against.|/home/LegislativeData.php?n=BSS;c=109|

    Fact check, y’all!

  2. JD is a great american! Anything he did is unassailable. You need to stop spreading liberal lies. Everyone knows that the govt is not out to get us or our guns. The detailed info on individuals will only be used for the intended purpose of getting rid of illegals. What part of illegal dont you understand?

    • Oberserve says

      And, of course, when certain “guns” or “gun accessories” are determined to be illegal, all that data they’ve gathered on you and your purchases will never be used against you! LOL

  3. Mr. Fred is quite a comedian. I’m sure he finds himself very amusing as he makes fun of conservative principles in his very own style.

    • Oberserve says

      Ann, I hate to tell you but JD’s support of REAL ID is NOT conservative. It’s anti-American. What American wants to surveill all law abiding American citizens? Sounds like an East German communist STASI (State Security) operative.

  4. Ann, Im not being funny. I am saying that JD has been a strong supporter of conservative principles. Do you have a problem with that? I think the govt needs to take strong measures to combat our number 1 problem – illegals. Do you have a problem with that?
    JD supported the id card thing therefore it is a good thing. Do you have a problem with that?

    Ok, I dont have a way to explain how the national id can sort out illegals and not be used for something worse on law abiding citizens. Maybe you can explain it to me. OR maybe you can stick you head back in a hole in blindly follow anything labeled ” conservative”. Glenn Beck warns about people like you, you are a faux conservative bent on causing division and taking away our rights while you define truth justice and the american way.

    I define it for myself and am willing to stand alone if necessary!

    • People who support national ids are not conservative and are traitors to the legacy of the founding fathers.

      There’s nothing in the constitution authorizing the federal government to track law abiding American citizens nor spend money on doing so.

      If you do not support the constitution as intended by the founding fathers, you’re a traitor.

      Simple as that.

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