Red State Arizona Addresses GOP Myth

Excellent post over at Red State Arizona on what’s really happening with the state GOP and how the media has conveniently left out key info.

Yes, I know I wasn’t happy with the Sunday edition of the Republic, but I do think that the GOP does need a strong vision if it plans to beat the Democrats in 2008.

Here’s a quick excerpt from RSA:

Pullen is doing fine. If you factor in the operating expenses of both parties, the Dems’ lead decreases substantially. The Dems have spent over $1 million this year on operating costs, compared to only $250k by the GOP; evidence the GOP is better at utilizing volunteers, which the article overlooked. Maybe I should get a job working at Dem headquarters, they must be paying their people pretty good. I’ve heard the Dems have a lot of staffers unlike the GOP. Operating expenses significantly take away from money that could be spent on campaigns and ballot initiatives. So if you subtract the Dems’ operating costs from the amount they’ve raised this year ($1.41 million), that leaves them with only $410k right now to spend on races. Subtract the GOP’s operating costs of $250k from the amount they’ve raised this year ($441k) and they have $191k left, which is almost half of the Dems’ amount – significantly better than less than 1/3 which is what the Republic article reported.

Read the rest of the article.


  1. AZ Republican says

    I feel much better about Pullen’s leadership now that I know we have half as much money as the Democrats, not one third.

    I recommend reading the full article. The last paragraph is classic: “The new administration Pullen brought with him has provided some fresh views untainted by internal party squabbles, so they have been able to bring people together all throughout the party (most notably the nudists, which is pretty remarkable, although a little scary).”

    God help us!!!

  2. Pullen has managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory by alienating his own activist base in a vain attempt to gain favor with his enemies, but even his inept performance is better than the national party which has managed to totally enrage even the casual Republican, so those who shoot at him should spend some of their vitriol at the national fiasco.

  3. DSW and Red State have officially drunk the coolaide! A Party needs volunteers AND money! Volunteers don’t pay for mailers, opposition research, technology, or registered voters. And thats the point: We lack the resources for paid voter registration and thats why we are falling behind. Voter registration is one of the most basic functions of a state party. If they can’t register voters then they won’t win campaigns either. If anyone thinks having half the money as the D’s is ok because our volunteeers will “make up the difference”, then I have some ocean front propery in Yuma I’d like to sell you.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    It seems to me Randy Pullen got himself into a thankless job. He’s been getting harsh criticism from all sides since he took the chairmanship.

    I believe he’s doing his best, and we should all try to help instead of throwing darts.

    If we want to take back the seats we lost, we better play smart, and try to have a more positive outlook.

  5. I challenge anyone to email me a detailed itemized list of items that Randy Pullen has done that has led directly to the demise, downfall, disintegration, despise of the Arizona Republican Party. I’ll be glad to post it here on Sonoran Alliance. Send your treatise to sonoranalliance[at]cox[dot]net

  6. Pullen has made some mistakes... says

    But then again who can say they have not made mistakes. I have been so mad at Pullen but then again can anyone say they are perfect ?…I am sure he will upset me again but he is still the chairman and it is time to give him a break. Could someone please tell me what the statute of limitation is on mistakes ?

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