JD Hayworth is reporting that there will be an effort to recall Phoenix City Mayor Phil Gordon.


  1. There was also an effort to recall Sen. McCain and Sheriff Arpaio.


  2. Fooled Thrice says

    Does anybody know who the Arizona GOP National Delegate candidates are? I mean except, of course, the McCain campaign? Do we invest a day May 10th volunteering to cast a vote for qualifying Arizonan’s who have put their name forth as a National Delegate candidate? Or, are we being asked to sacrifice one day from our life to drive across the state to simply provide the formality of choosing from the McCain camp’s pre-approved list of names? That is, are potential conservative National Delegate candidates made to feel as welcome to run for National Delegate as the RINO crowd is? Or, are conservatives given the subtle message to stand down on this one?

    How miserable it would be to be in the shoes of a RINO right now. You know you are cheating your fellow Republicans with early access to the National Delegate candidate list. And worse, you are pilfering through that list looking for the weakest defenders of conservative priniciples possible, so you can add them to your team and work for their election as a National Delegate. And if you are successful, then, you “win.”

    The National Delegate candidate list is available to the McCain campaign as evidenced by the McCain slate (termed the Unity Slate). Recommendations from that slate are already made to District and County Chairs. But, for everyone that isn’t on the McCain campaign, the National Delegate candidate list is not available. Too many misspelled names, verified Republicans yet, er..uh..It’s not certified by “Elections” yet. The list is only in good enough shape for the McCain campaign. It’s not good enough to distribute to the grassroots yet.

    The McCain campaign is welcome to work on this list all they want to and even offer a slate already. Are you a conservative? Oh well then, the list is not ready for you yet. After the McCain campaign gets this list as perfect as possible, then it will be distributed. Is this any way to run a Republic? Is a little ventalation for this smoke filled room in order?

  3. There is no legal mechanism in Arizona to recall a U.S. Senator. What is the point of recalling Arpaio right before his re-election?

    Maybe this will fizzle like the Arpaio/Thomas recall. Maybe it will take off. We will cover the story either way.

  4. Fooled Thrice, that is a curious question to ask the readers of a story about a potential recall of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. May I correctly assume that you are disoriented from the noise made by so many black helicopters flying low over your home?

  5. Fooled Thrice says

    Sorry John,
    Facts can be real annoying at times, right?

  6. Facts? Where were the facts? Rantings based on some displaced sense of entitlement and authority? This thread is proof that foolish, self-aggrandizing conspiracy theories being spewed with vehemence is a bi-partisan sport these days.

  7. Fooled Thrice says

    Ann, Ask your District Chair if a unity slate exists, and where it came from. This is not a secret or confidential information. The McCain campaign is “hands-on” influencing the National Delegate choices. No disrespect intended to the McCain campaign and they are welcome to voice any opinions they have. They are welcome to excercise their paranoia as far and wide as they want to. I don’t agree with cancelling dissenting voices, however. After the Nevada vote of “no confidence,” the McCain campaign is perfectly happy to accept the unfair advantage of fixing the Arizona convention. You tell me, why is it a McCain campaign approved “unity slate” exists and no other competing slate exists. A McCoincidence?

  8. The tenor of your post has calmed a bit, but I doubt there is much to say that could dissuade your position. I do not deny the existence of a unity slate. My understanding is this; the campaign has developed a slate of delegates they will present at the convention. In addition, there will be other seats to be filled by additional delegates chosen according to the CD caucuses. The acceptance of the unity slate is not guaranteed but I would expect it to be. The state delegates, as chosen by the individual LD meetings, will vote for ALL national delegates either in CD caucuses or at large. I am a state delegate and will support the unity slate. It may mean some folks will get their nose out of joint. Get over it! Sometimes things are bigger than our own little corner of the world or ego.

    The bottom line to all of this is your basic dislike and disregard for the current status of Sen. McCain. The Republican Party is not your party anymore than it is mine or anyone’s solely. We do not get to pick and choose, whine and bicker, and then label those who participate as unjust and duplicitous because it serves our ego and call ourselves true believers and all others infidels; not if we choose to be a part of a group dedicated to similarities and not differences.

    That he is the last man standing on the “R” side of things, according to the rules long set and established, determined his position. You don’t have to like it; you can get better or you can stay bitter.

    I welcome you to be better.

  9. Ann,

    What you call the “unity slate” is actually the Borg Slate. Prepare to be assimilated, resistance is futile.

    If the party does not belong to one person then when will state HQ release the ballot? If they distribute the ballot of national delegates several days before the state convention then I would say they are playing fair. If they refuse to let anyone besides the McCain people see it until right before May 10th then they are playing dirty.

  10. Fooled Thrice says

    Ann, Then we agree there is a unity slate. Why is there not a lower taxes slate, a sanctity of life slate, a border security slate and/or a 2nd Amendment slate? The answer is because only one interest is being given the advantage of use of State information. I don’t like it when my friends are CENSORED. And I don’t like undue outside influence on the results of Party functions. We suffered through the same dirty tricks affecting State Delegate Election results. If fair, open and honest elections result in McCain getting a black eye, then fine. At least it would be honest. The ends do not justify the means here.

    All interested in the State Convention results have already been cheated. McCain’s campaign already had a huge inside track that The Arizona Right To Life, for example, did not have. I’ll be happy when this back end of a maverick and his democrat, independent and reconquista confidants are out of my state and party.

    Only John McCain could cause me to vote for Ron Paul.

  11. Thrice, who are you that you should be getting a look at the ballot already? If you’re somebody in the food chain like a district chairman or something, then why hide behind a fake name? Just air your complaint like a grown up. If you’re just a regular schmo, then why would the Arizona GOP be sharing its ballot with you?

    Maybe you’re new to this, but these so-called Unity Slate’s have been going on for decades. Its nothing more than party leaders (county chairs, district chairs, etc.) getting together with the nominee to see who they would prefer to get to go to the national convention. Still, its a giant “So what?” since everybody who wants to be on the ballot gets to be on the ballot anyway.

    Frankly, if you find yourself on a slate that McCain’s folks have agreed with, you’ll probably lose. Think it through Thrice.

  12. Since when is the establishemnt of voting groups, or blocks, new? Since when is the decision of a certain few leaders to rally around a definitive slate uncommon?

    John is right on! The difference, you just don’t like this particular candidate and all things associated are painted with a broad stroke.

    It remains a one man, one vote system.

  13. McCain won, your guy lost. Get over it.

  14. Fooled Thrice says

    John, You can put as much lipstick as you want on this pig. It’s still a case of McCain is ABLE to build a slate because of cooperation from the State that other hard working Republicans are denied. There is nothing wrong with building a slate. It’s totally appropriate. AZGOP helping some Republicans while not quite able to help other Republicans until McCain has had his way with the ballot is highly questionable, in my opinion. The smoke filled room style of selecting candidates is nothing new, I agree. We just have blogs now point things like this out. I’m not one that believes anything is going to change the status of the McCain nomination. With McCain’s prohibitive lead, couldn’t we have all just taken the high road on this one and released the ballot to all interested simultaneously? No, the McCain campaign had to get their slimey fingers all over this too. They have been on this project since well before the District elections.

  15. As they should have and good for them for being on the ball!

  16. Antifederalist says

    I don’t understand why that loser Gordon ever got elected in the first place. Doesn’t Phoenix have a Republican voter registration advantage? Oh, THAT’s right! Because Arizona voters are retarded (witness McLame’s multiple re-elections, Clean Elections, passage of bond issues, etc.) they allow non-partisan elections everywhere Dems are weak, and partisan elections everywhere Dems are strong. ALL elections should be partisan. Yes, even judicial elections. Voters don’t know squat about judges anyway. If we knew every candidate’s party affiliation, voters might have at least one piece of information as opposed to NONE when it comes to judges. It’s stupid that the Phoenix muni elections are non-partisan. That’s one way we get morons like Gordon in office.

  17. Antifederalist says

    I meant to add that we were given an alternative to Gordon: Pullen, but NOOOOO!! The voters had to be stupid. Additonally, as further proof that the voters are dumb: Arpaio gets re-elected constantly. I hope this recall take off like a rocket and I hope they recall his rear end by WIDE margins.

  18. Fooled Thrice says

    John, You’re right, I’m a regular schmo Arizona registered Republican voter. As such, the right of free speech dictates I’m entitled to the same courtesy and cooperation that has been provided the McCain campaign. I have family in Districts all over this great state. I want to know which Show Low Republicans have put their name up for National Delegate. For that matter, I want to know all the names that are in consideration for National Delegate from my state. What is your problem with the free flow of appropriate information? Who from my state is interested in representing me at the National Convention? I’m tired of being censored by my own political Party. The McCain campaign is working the State Delegates list. I expect the same opportunity for that free speech that has been provided the McCain campaign. We’re adults–we can handle this. We don’t need anyone to control our information for us. Quit manipulating as strong of a McCain turnout as possible for the State Convention. R’s are losing more ground than we are gaining with this continued controversy.

  19. Thrice, you likely overestimate your own importance. The idea that R’s are “losing ground with this continued controversy” is just silly. There is no controversy, R’s don’t care, and no ground is being lost. Its you and maybe a couple of folks like you who are bugged by something silly. Wanna walk? Walk. The party is registering new folks every day and the idea that the Party is “losing ground” by this non-controversy that nobody knows about and nobody cares about is just nonsense.

    Almost everybody on this blog is likely a GOP activist in some way or other (other than Kral, Sam and a few of their socialist buddies). No one seems to care about this thing except you.

  20. What a weird thread. So the new conspiracy theory is that there is a smoke-filled room where John McCain works hand in hand with the Arizona GOP to decide who goes to the national convention and who doesn’t? Too funny… You must be crazy to think that McCain is suddenly partnering up with the folks at the HQ. I can see it now… McCain walks in, shares a bear hug with Rob Haney and Randy Pullen, then the three of them start handing out airline tickets and room reservations to their chosen few. What a hoot!

    John is right. Everybody who wants to be on the ballot gets to be on the ballot and everybody who wants to campaign for a spot at the convention gets to campaign for it. The delegates to the convention get to vote for who they want and, like Thrice sarcastically suggests, you will likely see several slates. You’ll see the usual Unity slate, you’ll see the Ron “Wait wait, its not over yet! I could still take Guam!” Paul slate, you’ll see some Rob Haney slate or something similar, etc.

    Its called politics. What’s the big deal?

    I’m wondering if Thrice really was fooled three times or if he’s just so cynical that he only thinks he was fooled three times.

  21. Fooled Thrice says

    Okay, I accept all that you say and you won me over. Is the list of folks elected at their District as State Convention delegates available for Arizona Republican citizens? Or do we get everything except knowledge of who the State Delegates are?

  22. Each LD chair, or county chair in some areas, should have their list. If you live in Show Low, ask your local chair for the list.

  23. Thrice, You’re getting worlds of information. Everything except State Convention Delegates and National Convention Delegate candidates. When McCain’s campaign is through massaging these two categories, it will be made available to everyone. Be patient. The nominee can have his way with your information before it’s ready for you.

  24. kralmajales says

    Is JD now Arizona’s Sean Hannity or something…at least pick someone with some ethics like Hannity has.


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