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Thank you to one of our readers for sending in this amusing photo seen in front of a home. (No, we are not endorsing either candidate.)



  1. kralmajales says

    Who is the javelina for?

  2. Cute photo… Is that Judy’s house?

  3. This might just be a trend. Obviously these people have done their home work! My wife and I did meet Mr. Tidball at the fair and we have to say that he has our vote. So we will only have one sign up in our yard!!!

  4. Maybe I’m wrong about Mr. Tidball but this photos sure looks like Southern Arizona with so-called Republicans voting for the Republican who least resembles or is silent on the GOP party platform especially cultural issues.

  5. OR….Dems who have split the happy home with opposite gender preferences (in candidates only, I’m sure).

  6. DSW,

    Maybe the reason he’s silent on the GOP platform is that he disagrees with the current stance on issues and is bold enough to strike out for what he believes in. If you have questions or concerns on what he’s silent on, then you ought to go to his website and ask away; I’ve done that a couple of times and have always gotten a response to my questions.

  7. Nice tagline on Tidball’s sign. Guess we know who wears the pants in that house.

  8. Tidball told me, the Sonoran Alliance and the Bee campaign that if he was not a viable candidate – i.e. he had no chance to defeat Giffords and that Tim Bee could, he would drop out of the race. Now this carpetbagger is saying if he doesn’t poll above 1% he will get out. I pray my fellow Arizonans will send this smooth skinned salesman packing.

  9. Tell me Jimbo, what do you mean by carpetbagger because there are many ways to interperet that. Are you angry because you were deemed irrelevent in your desperate attempt to infiltrate the am radio waves this past week??

    I was listening, and I have never laughed so hard!

    I usually do not agree with lashing out with personal attacks, but I guess Tidball is running for public office. You are classless and highly inaccurate with what you say however. Who are you? Do you personally know Derek Tidball? I think not, and don’t think because you may have exchanged an email or had a conversation with him means you know him.

    You making desperate attempts to discredit Mr. Tidball with your name calling (c’mon are you serious???) and fabricated ‘intel’ look awfully like a desperate attempt to garner attention and relevancy for yourself.

    On a kinder note I usually do get quite a kick out of your postings on this site! They’re as magnificent as your movies! I still owe you that scotch my friend…

  10. Hopefully GOP Spartan won’t call county zoning on these people! How dare they put up political signs already…it must be illegal, right?

  11. Duke the Dog says

    I hate to tell you buddy, GOP Spartan is not the one you need to be worrying about.

    GOP Spartan sounds like a local Republican Party PC/Volunteer that just helps local candidates. Some PCs tend to get a little over enthusiastic sometimes, but they’re essentially harmless.

    The guys you need to be worrying about are up in Phoenix and D.C., and unlike GOP Spartan, they don’t have to use a blog to do their dirty work.

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