Raul Grijalva Votes to Continue Funding ACORN

Only one congressman from Arizona voted to continue sending your tax dollars to ACORN. Remember ACORN? That’s President Obama’s favorite liberal organization – the group where he received all his “community organizer” experience. They’re the same organization whose employees were systematically caught suggesting, if not encouraging, tax evasion, fraud, child prostitution, slave trade, human trafficking and a whole lot of other illegal activities.

In case you missed it, the US House voted to cut off funding of the organization by a vote of 375-75.

This is great news for American taxpayers and those who respect the law!

Unfortunately, the good citizens of Congressional District 7 have a congressman who voted against the defunding of ACORN. That’s right, the absurdly and outrageously liberal Raul Grijalva voted to continue sending YOUR tax dollars to this corrupt organization!

The good news is that Raul Grijalva’s days in Congress are numbered! In less than 411 days, the voters will have the opportunity to elect a true taxpayer advocate and patriot. Her name is Ruth McClung and she will be taking back the district from all the liberal special interest groups who installed Grijalva to the CD-7 seat.

Ruth needs your help though. Please take a moment to visit her website (www.Ruth4AZ.com) and sign up as a volunteer and most importantly, make a contribution to her campaign.

With your help, Ruth will boot the liberal ACORN-loving Raul Grijalva out of office in 2010 and return the district to the hard-working citizens who deserve much better.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Grijalva is a Marxist Reconquista with some pretty dismal personal issues.

    Of course he’d support ACORN … he’s just as corrupt.

  2. You folks out in Yuma need to get on the ball and help this young lady beat Grijalva!

  3. VV,

    You say a lot of things that sound very stupid. In this way, you are an excellent representative of other stupid people like yourself, and a perfect stereotype.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, well, thank you.

  4. Steve Replogle says

    Grijalva is also an extreme pro-abortion supporter. This needs to be resoundingly pointed out to the Catholic Hispanic voters that otherwise might vote for him based solely on his skin color. We need to point out Grijalva’s support for ACORN, a group that has shown active support for child prostitution.

  5. He can’t vote NO on this, the SEIU people, the nice ones in the purple shirts that hosted a health care forum to get HR676 passed, would skin him alive.

    Anyone else would be better.

  6. Raul Grijalva, the best congressman Mexico could ever have.

  7. This funding Acorn issue with Raoool should hopefully get CD7 to wake-up – Think – Vote! His destructive moves keep piling up and pointing the finger of factual destructive intent for the people of ALL of Arizona! God Help Us!!

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Tucson Vice, you continually make my point about rabid progressive intolerant liberals such as yourself who exist only to libel, and attack that which they themselves feel superior to.

    Do you know Raul? Or are you just attempting to degrade randomly?

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Facts are, Raul has Marxist tendencies, Reconquista beliefs, and a history of corruption and a personal lack of moral values.

    Either that or he’s just plain stupid with a drinking problem…

  10. So we’re trading in libel now, eh hypocrite?

    I’m not bothered. In fact, I get a kick out of watching idiots like you as you attempt to legitamize your lunatic rantings by waxing faux intellectualism.

    I’ts like watching a monkey bang on a typewriter…or a “scientist” promoting intelligent design.


  11. Meanwhile, Raul Grijalva is going to have a very difficult time explaining to the voters of congressional district 7 how or why the U.S. Congress should give taxpayer dollars to ACORN. Fortunately, there were more congressmen with their head firmly on their shoulders than congressmen like Grijalva. I’m surprised Gabby, Ann, Ed or Harry didn’t put their arm around Raul and say, “come brother, let us reason together.”

  12. Dsw,

    I think you are wrong. When the election comes, they aren’t going to give a crap about acorn. certainly not enough to vote him out, and certainly not in that district.

  13. By the way, fee free to quote me on that and write down the date and time I said it.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a beer.

  14. This man is a shinning example of the sort of idiot politican that we MUST vote out of our government in 2010 and again in 2012. It’s this sort of stupid immoral idiotic mind set and thinking that is taking this country to it’s lowest level of standards that it has ever known. Vote for American Values!

  15. Everything that Raul does shows that he supports everything that Acorn stands for. Why are we all so surprised? I’m not. It is just what I expect from Raul.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    T Vice, what libel? You obviously don’t know Raul.

  17. Islamisablast says

    In addition to Grijalva’s support of murdering the unborn, he supports Obama’s removal of 400 B. P. agents from the southern border. This is just a ploy to open the gate a little wider for all the amnesty recipients. Ms. McClung, you have my vote!

  18. Islamisablast says

    DSW: Yuma almost always votes against Grijalva. When he comes here, he rearely comes to Yuma but goes to San Luis where he can bring up his supporters from mexico. He bused them in when he had his so called public meeting and that was no suprprise.

  19. I live in Phoenix and only wish I could cast a vote AGAINST Grijalva. This inept and corrupt fool needs to be voted out of office before he causes more damage to Arizona!

  20. commonsense says

    Perhaps this is petty, but Grijalva really needs to address some personal hygiene issues. As a man with my own facial hair, I trim it daily so I’m not carrying breakfast on my face all day.

    Aside from his socialist voting pattern, his personal appearance reinforces every negative stereotype attached to Mexican Americans.

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