Randy Graf endorsed by U.S. Senator John McCain.

mccain.jpg      Former state legislator and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Randy Graf received a strong endorsement from Senator John McCain

     It does not improve the political landscape for Gabrielle Giffords that the party is unifying behind Graf in a district that has a Republican advantage of about 20,000 voters. 

Sunday 10-8-06, 12:25 am


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! In quite possibly the biggest news yet of the campaign, and surely the biggest endorsement news, the man who will probably be our next President, John McCain has strongly endorsed Randy Graf’s campaign. This is by far the BIGGEST endorsement of the CD8 campaign. And it was not something that was expected in the least. In fact, The Nation, the venomous liberal hate propaganda, the wrote just two days ago that Randy was not going to be receiving the endorsement of McCain. It’s always nice to prove that the Nation is a bunch of morons. And none other than Randy Graf and John McCain had the pleasure of doing so this time. How will the McCain endorsement affect the race? Well, since Randy already appeared to have all of the momentum, this could be getting close to the nail in the coffin for Gabby Giffords. The only living person that could endorse her who is a bigger star than McCain would be the Pope, and that ain’t going to happen! It looks like Daniel Scarpinato got the scoop on this story. Hopefully, that won’t upset other members of the media, but we’ll see what they all say about this. McCain/Graf 2008!

  2. I thought McCain was a traitor who supports amnesty 🙂

  3. He sure was when he endorsed Munsil over Goldwater 🙂

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    Well, circumstances change. If you look at the results from the primary Munsil lost to Goldwater in every county along the international border. Based on recent polls I am not sure Len is making up that lose.

    McCain did not have to get involved in a Republican primary but it’s great to see him support the team in the general. McCain is showing strong party unity. Maybe he will come to Tucson and do a fundraises for Graf. Or better yet he could host a fundraiser up in Phoenix for Randy.

  5. redcardphreek says

    more likely just an R endorsing an R

    I do not see big movement from this unless McCain campaigns with Graf, attends fundraisers, does a robocall for Graf, etc.

    But if he does that what will be the minuteman take on that?

    It is both an opportunity and a possible hindrance for Graf.

    Curious to see how Graf runs with it.

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