Rain or Shine.

run paul sign wave.jpg

The Ron Paul Tucson group continues to attract more volunteers and has just topped 250. The group held a sign wave this weekend and treated the rain on Saturday as a challenge rather than an obsticle. Their efforts paid off as they gained a few more volunteers as a result of the sign wave. One of them wrote:

“Saw you guys yesterday at Tucson Mall holding signs for Ron Paul, and said, “who’s Ron Paul?” So I googled him and was so impressed that I came out the next day to hold signs with you all.”

Say what you want about his candidacy you must admit Ron Paul and his volunteers understand and are harnessing the power of the Internet. This weekend’s event essentially cost the campaign nothing and brought in several new volunteers.

I did not find a very active meetup.com page in Arizona for the other Republican candidates but Barack Obama has a pretty good myspace.com page in Tucson. I wonder if we will start seeing the Republicans gravitating toward one particular social networking site and the Democrats going for another. Meetup is red and myspace is blue? – It all started in Tucson!

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