Quayle wants to raise the Retirement Age…I think NOT!!!

Ben Quayle wants you to work harder and longer to get to your retirement.  What gives?  This guy has only worked hard for his bowling handicap. Based on pictures he posts on his campaign Facebook page he LOVES to bowl.

Enough of that.  Back to reality. Sorry Ben, but it just doesn’t wash with me to reduce the deficit on the backs of us hardworking citizens.  It clearly shows you are out of touch with the regular guy out there.

You graduated from law school in 2002 and finally after several attempts passed the Bar in Arizona in 2009. So quit lying saying you’ve been practicing law in Arizona since you’ve moved here.  


And, congressional seats CANNOT be bought here using DC money from cronies of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

We weren’t raised with a silver spoon in our mouth and I don’t believe we want a silver spoon representing us in CD 3.

Go back to taking care of your dad’s assets.


  1. Social Security is socialism. If you support it, you are a socialist.

  2. To be a friendly person is to be socialable, so a friendly person is a socialist!

    David, we know that Social Security is socialism. What, exactly, is your point in the context of this post?

    Neither Quayle nor Reality Check are trying to phase out Social Security. By your logic, they are both socialists.

  3. He wants to allow people to use some of the money to invest privately. If you don’t think that is a phase out, then I think you are either stupid or a liar.

  4. Just out of curiosity and I am not saying I would support this but people live longer today than they did 50 years ago if someone wanted to make the retirement age go up as the average life span went up, would this be so horrible?

    Because we are not phasing out or getting rid of social security any time soon, so we might as well start coming up with real ideas to fix it.

  5. hotflashholly says

    quayle knows nothing about social security…he will never need it…and probably has not paid into since he really has never had an adult job..if you want washington politics as usual…then vote quayle…LOOk at his donor list…all washington elitist…Do we really want to go back in history??? Quayle would be an embarassment…he already is in that folks actaully consider him Congressional material…Arizona does not need a kid with no work ethic and riding the family name to DC.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Cowboy up RC..

    Smaller government, personal responsibility, stop runaway spending.

    So you would like to work less and have me pay for it ?

    Why the rush to join God’s waiting room ?

    Work is not a bad word where I come form.

  7. Uh, there really isn’t a mandatory retirement age for privately-owned businesses and the self-employed. People work until they can’t or just don’t want to. Private business owners retire at anywhere from age 30 to 99. And Senators are in a class of their own. Robert Byrd was pulling down a several hunderd thousand dollars of taxpayer paid salary and wasn’t even conscious half of the time these past few years, taking full advantage of no mandatory retirement without the burdens of actual work demands the private business owners face.

    The mandatory retirement age affects unions, government civil service, and the big corporation-type employers. Retiring government staff retire and flip right back in as “contract consultants.”

    SO, what’s the issue, then, because it really is aimed at unions, gov’t and big corps and how many years those pensions have to pay out.

    If government civil servants can retire at age 50 with full pension payouts, (The Greece Problem) raising retirement ten years is not only not a hardship, it’s a necessity for fiscal survival.

  8. Only Democrats and demagogues think that the Social Security retirement age shouldn’t be raised.

  9. Seriously, with all the criticism that is ripe for the picking on baby quayle you picked this?!

  10. Antifederalist says

    With entitlement spending to soon take up every single tax dollar that goes to the federal government, we’re going to HAVE to do something about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Raising the retirement age makes some sense…unless you WANT takes to go up just to pay for the military and other discretionary spending.

  11. “You graduated from law school in 2002 and finally after several attempts passed the Bar in Arizona in 2009. So quit lying saying you’ve been practicing law in Arizona since you’ve moved here.”

    The person who needs to quit lying is the poster. If you look online you can find that Quayle passed the Arizona bar in 2006 not 2009: http://tiny.cc/k1i96

    2006 is about the time he moved back to Arizona.

    And if the poster is lying about when Quayle passed the bar, I’d like to see the evidence that it took Quayle “several attempts” to pass the bar. My guess is that is probably a lie as well.

    As I have said before, if I lived in CD3, I probably wouldn’t vote for Quayle. I think there are better candidates out there. But this constant lying about his record to make him out to be some kind of loser is just really pathetic.

    The candidate that “Reality Check” is backing must be way behind Waring, Quayle, Gorman, etc. in the polls and getting desperate.

  12. Anonymous says

    Just because Quayle is rich doesn’t mean that he deserves to be in Washington representing Arizona.These lies that keep popping up, and confusing about his past – Quayle has no place here. Do the right thing and vote for Paulina Morris.

  13. I actually agree with Quayle on his points, but I will absolutely NOT vote for him in the primary.

    He’s a spoiled brat as far as I’m concerned, and to just parachute into this district with daddy’s money and try to buy a congressional seat REALLY rubs me the wrong way.

  14. Antifederalist says

    Paulina Morris? The baby killing woman who has strong ties to Planned Parenthood? The woman who is married to another strong Planned Parenthood supporter? The woman who threw a $5 party for Jan Brewer? No F’ing thanks!

  15. James Davidson says


    You’re way over the line calling Paulina Morris a “baby killing woman.” And for the record, I have opposed Roe v. Wade since the day in January 1973 it was decided, but I don’t go around calling people rotten names like that.

    The rest of you regarding social security:
    Should it have been passed in 1935? Not in the form it took. But it did pass, and people who were born in 1945 became entitled to it this year, having paid in for all their working lives. So Baby Quayle wants to break faith and change it? No surprise there.

    Why not have the government just give a refund to those of us who have paid in for decades and be done with it? You don’t even need to add interest to it.

  16. PC in LD6 says

    Paulina Morris?? Pro abortion and pro tax, fabulous…. I don’t think that’s what we need, besides, she doesn’t even poll. Get behind someone with a chance of winning that has a clue.

    Quayle knows what he is told to know and is very good at repeating what he hears from his competitors at candidate forums and quoting information and ideas from Gorman’s blog – but that’s about it.

  17. I wouldn’t vote for Quayle if I was a CD-3’er but he is on the money on this one. Keep in mind that when SS was enacted the “retirement” age was higher than the average lifespan. It was a Ponzi scheme to make Madoff proud from the start! The least we can do is raise the retirement age to keep the program solvent for those who rely on this for their income while we work towards privatization. I suppose though that Reality Check is one of those who think all we need to do to balance the budget is eliminate “waste, fraud, & abuse.” We are in such a fiscal mess that nothing including SS, Medicare, and World Police, I mean defense, should be off the table.

  18. Luigi Banderas says

    Why would anyone ever want to vote for such a man! He is still a boy and is already getting involved with the scams. Don’t vote for such a man! I am voting for Paulina Morris.

  19. Mario Gullazzo says

    John Quayle is out of the loop. All of these lies and scams keep popping about him. Why would any reasonable person even consider Quayle as a candidate. Do the right thing and vote for Paulina Morris.

  20. Carlos Ramirez says

    Quayle is a flat out liar. Just because he is rich does not mean that he has to be in Congress representing CD-3. Vote Paulina Morris.

  21. Joe Sixpack says

    The Morris campaign really needs to learn how to space out their comments to make her widespread support a little more believable.

  22. Seriously your right. But in any event She’s just one of the like… 10 people running. Regardless, the boy was still born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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