Quayle attack from a Vernon Parker Activist

Did any of you see this blog today?  Self proclaimed “New Media/Blogger, Political Activist, and Sexy Young Senior”, Barbara Espinosa has fired the first shot across the bough in the CD 3 race.

In today’s blog she wisely points out that even given Quayle’s vast campaign war chest, it’s not pulling him away from the pack.



The Arizona Guardian poll just came out that has Vernon Parker within striking
distance of the former Vice President’s son, Ben Quayle. How can striking distance be good news? He doesn’t have a famous last name and the former Vice President isn’t out raising
money or campaigning for him., and the Quayle campaign has spent, over $1 million to elect Dan Quayle’s son to Congress. $1 million and he is barely winning.

This means your hard work is paying off. It also means that you want a true conservative to represent you in congress. if Vernon has the resources to get our message out, we will win on Election Day!

That is why I am contacting you today, I am maxed out, I can’t do anymore, so I’m asking you to help Vernon Parker be the next congressman for Arizona.

At midnight today, a new FEC reporting period will begin. Before the next reporting period comes to a close, I ask that you make a special donation of $250, $150, $100 or any amount you can afford through his campaign Web site – www.parker2010.com Vernon doesn’t have the former Vice President out raising money from AIG, banks that have received bailout funds, special interest groups, unions, Washington, D.C. in crowd, but Vernon does have you. As the poll results below show, it is not going to matter how much Ben Quayle’s family raises and spends for him. This Congressional Seat is one that cannot be bought conservative values and accomplishments will win at the ballot box.
Barbara L. Espinosa
Scottsdale, AZ, United States
New Media/Blogger, Political Activist, Constitutionalist, Conservative, Sexy Young Senior



Barbara Espinosa Caricature




  1. TrueAZConservative says

    The true conservative in the CD3 race is Pamela Gorman. With a proven and consistent record over the last six years in the state legislature, she is the candidate that we can trust to continue to conservative fight in Washington. She was an original sponsor of SB1070, is rated 100% by the NRA, and fought against the $3 billion sales tax increase.

  2. Mike Kelton says

    Looking at the poll, Barbara seems right on. After spending $1M, voters should have a firm opinion of Quayle. There can’t be too much upside for him.

    Vernon and Waring are within a few points of Quayle. How much cash on hand do they have? If they have over $200K to spend begining early ballots, this is going to be a close one!

    The rest of the pack is just noise at this point.

  3. American Freedom has linked you in post
    Response; Sonoran Alliance
    To correct a couple of error’s in article

  4. Hannah T. says

    Hey, just like having a famous last name shouldn’t give Quayle a positive boost in the polls he doesn’t deserve, the converse is also true. Evaluate the message he has at face value, don’t just assume that he will be mediocre because he is a ‘legacy’ candidate running in default mode. In fact I have met Quayle, he is a very intelligent and articulate person and his background in finance and law is something that Congress could really use right now. A lot of my friends will be voting for Quayle come August.

  5. Hannah T. says

    Also, Quayle hasn’t spent all 1M… or really all that much of it. He has indeed raised that much money, but it hasn’t all been spent. So I don’t think he has vastly outspent most of the other people in the running then.

  6. Vernon Parker is our only choice this primary season. If he wins, he’ll be beholden to us, the voters, and not some political dynansty. I’ve always liked Dan Quayle, but that doesn’t make his son the auto-congressman, deserving of my vote. Parker has a proven PV record and a lot of support from the folks who know him best. Good Luck Vernon!

  7. hotflashholly says

    Quayle is a little rich kid who running running for congress as a play toy. Like Dean Martin, he peaked too soon

  8. With no candidate pulling 20% and about 30% undecided, this is wide open. Moves should start to be made now. Watch those independents.

  9. It is more than apparent that Vernon Parker can’t effect change. He couldn’t do it as the assistant secretary for civil rights at the USDA , he couldn’t do it with his business VBP Group, and he hasn’t done it in Paradise Valley which is in financial dire straits. Let’s call a dud, a dud.

    In its “2006 Report on the State of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees felt quite different about Parker’s leadership.

    It said, “The boldness and failure under Vernon Parker and his leadership team runs deep to the core of our justice system and goes far beyond dollars. Their behaviors speak for themselves.”

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