Pullen visits 26

Randy Pullen receives a briefing on the district from a local grassroots volunteer.

     Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen visited the Friday open house for the NW Tucson field office. Everyone had a story to tell the chairman. Candidates were getting their pictures taken with Randy and precinct committeeman were filling him in on the details of the district. LD 26 will be one of the main areas for the Republicans to take back some seats and it is great to see state party officials travel to the region in person.


  1. I’ve never seen and can’t recall a GOP Chairman who travels the state as much as this guy does. Granted, most are lobbyists who don’t even really want, not to mention like, the job. But we’re going to get spoiled by having a hand’s on Chairman.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I agree. Randy is a very hard working, gracious person, and our state GOP is very fortunate to have him in that position.

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