Pullen Continues To Build His Team

Several folks down on 24th Street have confirmed that new State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen has hired a new communications director.  His name is Brett Mecum (different spelling and no relation, thanks for asking!) and he hails from New York State.  A quick Google on our new party spokesman reveals a long political resume that began when he was the youngest Committeeman in New York State and included stints working for Rep. Bill Paxon, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, Governor George Pataki, NoInternetTax.org, Rep. Rick Lazio, Mayor John Spencer, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  There is some other stuff on there too but suffice it to say that our new staffer has been a busy guy for the last decade or so.  West Washington also has it on good authority that in spite of Governor Napolitano’s preferences, Mecum will actually be engaging her on the issues and will even put his name on press releases that hold her accountable for her policies and politics.  What we can’t find is a picture of the new guy, so until we know different, here’s hoping our new spokesman doesn’t have a face made for radio!

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