Pullen By 4

Results are in and the new chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona is Randy Pullen. After one of the most hotly contested races in recent history, Randy Pullen won by only four votes.

I’m guessing our staff of bloggers will have more details to report…


  1. Looks like Pullen lost one supporter though. He won by 5 votes in 2004 when he ran for National Committeeman (and he’s made one FINE committeeman, by the way). Now he won by 4 votes. So, for all of John McCain’s and Jim Click’s efforts, they picked up a measly ONE vote but still lost.

  2. But it wasn’t the landslide that SA predicted. A lot of people must have jumped off the Pullen ship.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I don’t remember anyone predicting a landslide, but if that’s what you need to get yourself through this, then by all means…

    Frankly, Randy’s calculation to stay on the high road and rely on his early lead nearly cost him as the arm-twisting and negative attacks over the last week really took a toll. Candidates for any office should pay attention and recognize that negative campaigns work and if your opponent is going to rely on that for her (or his) strategy, then a response is usually going to be required.

    Still, all is well that ends well and, like Randy said, we’ll all be pulling together starting bright and early Monday morning. So time to beat the swords back into plowshares and let’s grow ourselves and bigger and stronger party!

  4. I am quite relieved that Randy Pullen won the AZ GOP Chairmanship today. But it was much closer than I thought it would be- not based upon anything in particular, but just my own opinion. If Lisa James could have swayed only 2 people to switch votes, we would have had a tie. I have no idea what would have happened as a tiebreaker, but that would have been really interesting. From what I understand Trent Franks and Len Munsil both gave very passionate speeches in favor of Lisa James and may have been major reasons why the vote ended up being so tight.

    Anyway, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. I never do things just because I am told that is what I am supposed to do, and there was a lot of that coming from Arizona’s entire Republican Congressional Delegation and most of the other GOP powers-that-be trying to gather support for Lisa James.

    After the election today, a friend of mine told me that she was upset because now “DC has written off Arizona.” This friend has what I consider to be a fatal flaw in that she tends to do, say, and believe whatever those who rule from on-high say would be best. I thought that was a rather stupid thing to say or believe that the AZGOP with Randy Pullen at its helm is just D.O.A. in terms of national support and if this proves to be true would be even dumber. My friend believes that those in DC and the other powers-that-be wanted James to win because she had previously ran Victory (even though Republicans in AZ got their behinds handed them in ’06 throughout Arizona) and because James would not fail miserably at fundraising like these powers-that-be were confident would be the case if Pullen were to run the AZGOP.

    First let me recall for all how well Arizona Victory did under the leadership of Lisa James in 2006: Governor’s race- a huge loss; A.G. race- a huge loss; Congressional races- huge losses; US Senate race- far closer than expected; State Senate- losses; State House- even more losses. That would have been a pretty good résumé upon which James could have campaigned! Ok, I know that there were many factors (local, state, and national) that contributed to GOP losses across Arizona in ’06, but “Victory 06” turned out to be anything but that. Also, wouldn’t it be more than a bit juvenile if people are not going to give money to the AZGOP because Randy Pullen happens to be the Chairman? Yes, people get hurt when their horse in the race loses but elections are decided by voters not based upon what some dictate or creed from on-high states is in the best interest of the voters.

    I responded to my friend that I thought that Randy Pullen would do just fine, and then asked why she believed otherwise.

    Her response to this was that she lived “in reality.”

    “Ouch!” I thought.

    And then I responded: “I’m glad that I refuse to live in such a horrible reality. I would hope that 231 years ago I would have supported the American Revolution and not the king.”

    My point is that I am sick of being told that somebody else knows who the best choice is for me, best for my family, best for Pima County, best for CD8, Arizona, or America. I don’t always agree with the decisions that voters make. I licked my wounds after the ’06 election just like most Republicans did. But I accepted the results. I’m not going to be some nut-job lib Dem who thinks that Diebold, the CIA, and the Bush Administration really stole the election again, just this time from Republicans. Voters are allowed to express anger, and they did.

    The fact that the leadership in Washington wants to tell us who we should have as our local, state, or Congressional leaders is almost reason enough to do the exact opposite. This might be especially true since that same Washington leadership is so unpopular right now and has proven to be so inept. In my opinion, I’ll just let other people continue to drink the Kool-Aid and follow the King. As for me, I think that I’ll just do what I do best and decide who to vote for based upon what I think is best. Congratulations Randy Pullen! You were the best candidate and good luck in your new job.

  5. STS, this blog predicted a landslide for Randy from the entrance polling. The blog posted 300+ votes in Randy’s column, 100+ in Lisa’s, and 300+ undetermined. According to SA, Randy only needed 40 votes to win for sure, but he was only able to beat Lisa by 4 votes. It doesn’t seem like a very good ratio that he got out of the 300 undetermined votes.

  6. Considering the recent mudslinging that Lisa James and her camp engaged in and considering the immense amount of establishment pressure to select the party’s choice, its really no surprise that most of the undecideds went to James. If Pullen hadn’t done the legwork to secure his 300 early commitments, things might not look so rosy for him today.

    It’s pretty funny that, despite all the high-profile stumping and Sproul-led attacks (and he is one viscious sniper), Pullen still pulled out a victory. I mean, the big guns of the party gave it their all to place James at the helm, and the P.C.s – the same people the big wigs think are beneath them and only around to be used by them – basically said shove off.

  7. honest abe says

    Randy, you have received your wish to become chairman, thank God. There could not have been a better outcome in my view. Randy, you will immediately discover what the ” Party Power Players” have known all along, given this outcome, the ” Well” will be dry when the fundraising begins for the Pullen pack of predacious party pulverizers!! Good luck…because even God won’t be able to help you now…
    Honest Abe

  8. GOPConservative says

    With friends like “Honest Abe” who needs enemies?

  9. Jean McGrath says

    All good politicians live by the motto, “Don’t get mad, get even”. I encourage all of you to urge the Executive Committee to appoint Randy Graf to replace Randy Pullen as National Committeeman. It would be worth the cost of the trip to D.C. to be able to see the looks on the faces when Graf attends his first RNC meeting. To add to that, I would like the party to help defray costs of being a Committeeman or Committeewoman. In the past the way the AZ party has been run has not been good enough to get me to contribute money, only time. I will now, with new leadership, start giving money. Please join me so we can prove the naysayers wrong with their song of ‘Pullen isn’t a fundraiser’.

  10. I was thinking…what if the grassroots did their best to contribute $100, $200, whatever, in the next few months.

    Would give an early boost and might put some of the fundraising squawking to bed.

  11. honest abe says

    Your Dreaming!!!!!Trust me, Honest Abe knows a nightmare when he see’s one..

  12. honest abe says

    The state party office has an operating overhead of $66,000.00 per month,do you think you have 350 people who will contribute $200-$300.00 each and every month to float a sinking ship…Like I said…YOUR ALL DREAMING.

  13. honest abe says

    The entire “Congressional Leadership” was against Haney, Pullen and the rest of their kingdom of jesters…We are talking about every single political official. What does it take for you people to understand, we don’t like them! Now we must start anew, the best way forward is to sink the ship and build a new one.

  14. $66 K/month seems way too high for operating costs.

  15. honest abe says

    It’s public knowledge and straight from Matt.It was up around $90,000.00 2 years ago during the last cycle. This is why it was so important to have a chairman who could raise money with the support of the delegation.. Imagine trying to hold fundraising events without any notable political speakers…Impossible…Randy will in fact……..SINK THE SHIP..

  16. honest abe,

    You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe a damn word you say. If you said it’s sunny out I’d reflexively grab my hat and umbrella.

    You’ve made it clear that you think any strife is hilarious and fun for sport. You sell schadenfreude by the barrel. You’d dance a jig at a funeral.

    We’ve got a lot of work to do. You’d prefer to throw rocks, but we are picking up shovels. Get the point?

  17. honest? abe,

    Your need to change your name to Rhino Sore Loser, or just plain Loser. The people who supported Randy, the grassroots who are taking back their party and returning it to its conservative base will support it. Wait and see. My check’s in the mail.

  18. honest abe says

    Joe Babe,

    Forgive me not, you must be blind, deaf and dumb.

  19. honest abe,

    Perhaps. Been accused of worse, and probably guilty of even greater.

    Now if you want to post some financials and raise this discussion instead of simply taking pleasure at what you assume is future failure, go ahead.

    But if you’re simply going to take potshots and cheer for failure, you won’t do so with impunity.

  20. Pullen’s victory indicates:
    1. The congressional delegation doesn’t run the show. His margin would have been much greater had it not been for the relentless pursuit of votes for James by the GOP power elite.

    2. Although Pullen has said he will not be an impediment to McCain, his election as state chair speaks clearly as a repudiation of the McCain Machine. Republican state committeemen saw through the heavy handed pressure they were receiving. Talking to many other state committeemen, I am convinced Pullen would have won by a considerably greater margin if many of the committeemen weren’t hammered by the power players. Those who didn’t know the score or were undecided, were definitely swayed by the insider attacks.

    We function best as a “bottom-up” party, rather than “top-down” The PC’s are more than worker bees doing grunt work for the party elite. Give us some credit for getting you elected.

    It’s time to move forward and win back our seats.

  21. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Evan, the entrance polling only predicted a Pullen victory, not a margin. You may have interpreted it to indicate a margin, but all it showed was Pullen was winning and that a Pullen win was predicted because he would only need a small percentage of the remaining votes to win. Did anyone think that Lisa hadn’t picked up a single vote since she posted her website? Of course not. The post only indicated that it was odd that she didn’t post her new voters. But again, tell yourself whatever you need.

    Honest Abe ignores reality so often I wouldn’t know where to start. Suffice it to say that a political party, in the off year, will not have the same level of staff that a political party does at the time of the election. It will be up to the new chairman to decide how far to pare the staff in order to accomplish the party’s business. Honest Abe also doesn’t think that even God can help Randy now. I don’t know about Honest Abe’s God, but my God is certainly capable of doing so much more.

  22. honest abe says

    I will leave it here, let’s wait and see who is right. Me, or all of you…

  23. Thank you for your support in my election as Treasurer of the Arizona Republican Party. I look forward to serving the Party for the next two years!

    Timothy Lee

  24. Jean (Post #9),

    If that doesn’t sound like Arizona living up to it’s “Maverick” reputation, I don’t know what does.

    Honest Abe (Post #15),

    I’ve got a request in to the outgoing treasurer to confirm that amount.

  25. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Congrats Timothy Lee! We’re glad we had an able-bodied alternative to the Nudinator!

  26. Honest Abe,
    don’t let the ideologists intimidate you. You call the shots as you see them. I always do and I know you see things right, unfortunate as this may be.
    Horst Kraus

  27. Nathan Sproul says

    My belated new year’s resolution is going to be that I stop commenting on blogs, but at some level it is a little addictive.

    First, I congratulate Randy on his win.

    Second, the fixed operating expenses for the Party are around $40,000 for a skeleton staff. I should know. I used to pay the bills.

    Third, as best I can tell, Randy promised office space to Pima and Maricopa counties. I know of at least one or two people who are expecting non-traditional Party jobs. By that, I mean jobs that don’t normally exist, but Randy appears to have promised them. That may all be rumor. I don’t know for sure. However, if it is true, that takes his fixed operating expenses to a minimum of $50,000 per month (500 people giving $100 per month isn’t easy), and that is based on salary figures that I paid in 2001.

    That doesn’t include the cost of raising money or actually doing anything political to help our candidates.

    Even with a chairman in good standing with the RNC (and I think even Randy would admit his relations are more than a little strained after his vote against Mel Martinez), we shouldn’t be expecting a lot of money from them this cycle. Arizona doesn’t have any major statewide races, and if Senator McCain is our nominee, Arizona won’t be on the board in the Presidential campaign. That means our entire election will be about winning 6 or 7 leg. races. The RNC is not allowed to raise non-federal money anymore. We shouldn’t expect them to part with precious federal dollars to help in our legislative races.

    All those facts add up to Randy having a difficult term with fundraising.

    Politically, his bar is very low. He should be able to win back the seat in 11 easily. 10 shouldn’t be very difficult. That means at a minimum, he will be able to brag that he won 2 seats just by being Chairman in 2008.

    Financially, it will be a much stiffer challenge.

    The verdict is certainly still out on how effective he will be as Chairman. While I certainly disagree with his tactics and decision making, I readily admit that he has a strong work ethic. It will be fascinating to watch him attempt to balance his campaign promises to the “let’s deport em” faction of the Party and also try to get in good standing with the wing of the Party that he has run against twice.

    Now is not the time for either side to have angry words. For the good of the Party, I hope my assessment of Randy is wrong. Time will tell.

  28. Mr. Kraus,

    I didn’t think of myself as an “ideologue” for challenging someone who repeatedly seems gleeful that the house may be on fire.

    If it’s ideological to seek solutions and resist the doomsayers who say “I told you so,” then I’m proud to be a firebrand.

  29. Fred, I’m sure that the Republican Party will be absoulutely grateful for your $10 contribution. Thank you in advance. With any luck, we can raise $1,000 this month– it probably won’t keep the lights on- but it’s a start!

    Who needs staff? Typically, the Republican Party has several people on staff to handle Fundraising, book keeping, communications, run field offices, manage voter files, etc. and let’s not forget, Executive Director. But seriously now, who can afford that now if the grassroots take over? Those are all operating costs. At this rate- we should do it all Volunteer. Who’s with me? We don’t need the big donors- we can do it all volunteer. We won’t have a dime for a mailing, but who cares- at least we are in control of the party!

  30. JC:
    This all sounds like a less-than-veiled threat. Are you representing the high-dollar donors?
    Is their allegiance to the Republican Party so shaky, that they will withhold funding during a presidential election cycle because they didn’t get their preferred person elected chairman?
    If that attitude of “take my marbles and go home” is what this is all about, then let’s simply concede the coming elections to the Dems right now. Why bother jumping through all of the hoops?

    Some Republicans would rather shoot themselves in the foot than win. I have seen this repeated over again. My Dad used to say we were best at “devouring our own young.” If these donors would rather lose important elections to make good their point that Pullen won’t garner support, we are in bad shape.

    It’s time to come together, put our differences behind us, and get the party moving forward.

  31. JC,

    Do I detect a little elite condescension in your comment? This is exactly what the grassroots is rejecting and for that matter, the average Americans who want true leadership not patronizing. I thought that the majority of fundraising dollars Republicans raise came in from grassroots folks while the majority of donations Democrats raise came in from George Soros, Ted Turner and the rest of the Hollywood elite?

  32. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    True enough DSW… The average contribution to the GOP is less than $100. The average contribution to the Dems is over $100.

    Dollars alone can’t buy victory. Republicans strayed from what was right in DC and we paid the price for it here in Arizona. It wasn’t money, it was issues. Give us some money and Republicans who do what is right and the voters will come back. It doesn’t matter what Jim Pederson spends…

  33. I would not get too worked up about the comments by honest abe or JC. They are probably Democrat sockpuppets just trying to demoralize the Republican base.

  34. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Wierd post by Nathan. He keeps taking shots at Pullen while saying the attacks should stop. Then he says Pullen won’t be able to help winning some races, thereby trying to diminish Pullen’s accomplishments before they even happen. Then he says there really isn’t much to do here since we don’t have any statewide races and the presidential race might be off the board. Logic dictates that if you don’t have much to do, it would be cheaper than if you did, so fundraising would become less of a concern.

    Let’s hope Randy’s not listening to Sproul. McCain might not be the nominee and Arizona might be in play. We have to go and pick up two Congressional seats and we have to be ready to win statewide just in case. We’re also talking about building a party that is stronger for races 4, 6, and 8 years from now. Our focus on “just the next race” is part of the problem. We need to be building a larger, stronger party.

    I hope Randy hires a strong Executive Director who wants to build and win. There will be constant sniping from losers and disgruntled types like Sproul, and Randy should always be on guard for their attempts to hurt him and what he is trying to do. It is important to them that Randy fail so that they can regain control and tell us all how they “told us so”. They won’t be helping at all, so its up to the rest of us to step up!

    Call the party at (602) 957-7770 and volunteer for something today!

  35. I just love how the Lisa James followers wanted the 11th commandment to be put into place. But here they are bad mouthing a fellow republican that is now their elected leader. Now who are the hypocrites.

  36. Nathan Sproul says

    Sonoran Truth Squad,

    What I find a little weird is that I am having a conversation with someone named Sonoran Truth Squad, but I digress.

    One more digression, you may find this hard to believe, but I seriously doubt Randy will listen to anything I think, so your wish will be followed.

    I understand we have 2 important congressional races. My comments were regarding the RNC which supplies a large chunck of change into states to assist with building the infrastructure that is necessary for statewide campaigns. In a presidential cycle, the RNC is primarily a committee to assist the presidential nominee. The NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) will be responsible for funding those two races, and they almost always do it independent of the Party and the nominee.

    My point was this, the RNC is who we have always relied on for key funds for infrastructure. If McCain is the nominee, they won’t play here. That is pretty basic. If he isn’t the nominee, then obviously, they will play here. I was just walking through the hypothetical not trying to take shots.

  37. Jamie,

    I think it is only a few malcontents. Most of us are ready to more forward, including Lisa’s supporters.

  38. Recruit true conservatives, that is, those who follow the Republican platform without apology, and you will see CD5 and CD8 come back to Republican hands. Tim Bee would walk all over Giffords. He is a strong conservative who is well liked by many Democrats and Independents.

  39. honest abe says

    Nathan is one of the sharpest political guys out there.

    Oh and for the record….

    Well, it’s been just 48 hours since I posted my remarks about Randy. Predictably, the entire staff has now resigned, there is no money left in the bank and Randy was visibly shaken when he met with his now departed staff this morning.

    Let’s just see how Randy, Rob, Phil, Marni, Lyle and the rest of these insects run the state and county offices without any help from the states largest donors or support from the entire delegation.

    Make no mistake people, there won’t be any money coming from any of us. The next step in the process in exterminating this pesty swarm is now in full swing..Stay tuned..

    Honest Abe

  40. Maybe the next set of bylaws will have to be written to deal with party members who openly root for the party to go bankrupt and fail, eh Abe?

  41. Nightcrawler says

    Politics is a funny passion. When I first got involved I proudly considered myself a moderate. After attending the county and state meetings this year, I find myself drifting farther and farther right. We are supposed to be the party of limited government and efficiency. Yet all I read about is how the state is out of money and a 40-50K per month office is in trouble. In my view, that is good news.

    Pullen if you are reading this I implore you to use your business acumen and trim the fat from the get go. This gravy train needs to stop. Get some interns from ASU, senior volunteers, unemployed or unelectable professional politicians looking for some validation and put them to work. If the rent is high, move. Treat the AZGOP as a business. Make the hard choices. Put an end to this nonsense. Why should our state party be held hostage by a limited few pilot fish.

  42. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    abe just goes from blog to blog posting his garbage… sad… and his endorsement of Nathan Sproul might just be the final nail in the coffin for poor Nathan. Incidentally, Arizona received a lot of funding from the national party in 2006, but we were a donor state in 2004, meaning we gave more than we got. If we can do that, then we can survive without them. If McCain is the nominee then we won’t need their money and abe and his minions will be heartbroken at Republican successes. If McCain isn’t the nominee then we will get their support and abe will still be crying himself to sleep in his diapers. Since Pullen and the entire state GOP will be supporting whoever our nominee is, there won’t be any problems with the national party.

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but we’ll be fine!

  43. honest abe says

    Joe Babe,

    What are you worried about?? Randy can fund raise, bring this divided party back together, hire a suburb staff of qualified individuals, strategically plan for a new Republican dominance, right??

    In your dreams , pal!

  44. Abe,

    We are afraid that you actually may be a registered Republican instead of a Democrat sockpuppet, except you are not acting like a Republican so we are confused. We are also worried that may be more than one of you because what you are saying makes no sense. What you are advocating will only destroy the party. Is that your objective?

  45. honest abe says


    Is gnat a type of insect? Just wondering..

    Let’s start with who is a true Republican.

    Your buddy Rob Haney is determined to destroy our senior Republican Senator and Randy Pullen gives money to Democrats . So, you tell me NAT, who is destroying our party?

    My point is this group has already destroyed the party in Arizona.

  46. OK, lets say I stipulate to everything you just said. What is you plan for moving forward? Do you want to split the party and loose some more? Would you be willing to help be part of the solution as we move forward? What is you plan for success or are you not interested in winning but only exacting revenge?

  47. honest abe says

    A plan is in play. The leadership along with almost all the top donors in the state are on board. Randy and Rob are done. A metamorphosis will take place in enough time to elect our Republicans before the next cycle. I’m on board, but not with Randy and Rob.

  48. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Utter and complete whack job… wow…

  49. honest abe says


    You proably thought you had the blog under control here. Well, think again. You don’t have a clue what going on.

  50. Oro Valley Dad says


    I don’t know about your secret plan. It sounds very nefarious.

    As to the blog, we are still in control but thanks for the concern.

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